Friday, January 31, 2014

New Follower Friday

It’s Friday and this week there are three more followers of Mad Padre Wargames to welcome.
The Miniatures Man is Sweden’s Joakim Strom, one of the strong contingent of Scandinavians in the wargaming blogosphere.   He has a variety of interests, and a helpful way of describing his paint choices of each of the many figures he posts.   His blog is thriving, and recently celebrated a giveaway - sigh, I really wanted that Ork Deffkopta, too.  :(
Robert Audin seems to be relatively new to blogging - his Fiends In Waistcoats blog features a variety of interests, including a Victorian horror and Gothic and a new blog on gaming in the Lord of the Rings setting (a shared interest).  I’m not sure but I believe Robert lives in France.
The Lord of Excess is an interesting fellow, with a variety of blogs to his credit.  The most recent, I think, is his blog The Excessive Gamer.  He has an interest in boardgames and new as well as retro gaming and RPGs.  He’s also willing to say some positive, or at least balanced,  things about Games Workshop from time to time.  I always like contrarians.
Welcome aboard, friends.  I’m almost as excited about your joining this blog as I am about the Perry Brothers announcing a plastic box of American Civil War artillery.  Too much excitement for one day, and don’t even get me started about what I found at the Credit Valley Railway Company store today.


  1. Thanks for the welcome I'm actually from New York.

  2. New York is a long way from France. My bad, Robert. I wonder why I thought that. Are you in NYC or somewhere upstate?

  3. The last name is French my grandfather came over in the 30's I'm in NYC.


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