Thursday, December 24, 2009

ModelMaster Ruined Building

December hasn't been a kind month in terms of painting projects, but I did get this scenery project finished, a fairly simple to build plastic HO scale building kit from Modelmaster. As I understand it, Modelmaster purchased the molds of a West German company (possibly Faller?) and repackaged them for North America.

As you can see, the box said "hand weathered parts", but it still needed some painting. I decided to paint the window sills an offwhite, and painted the bricks where they have been sculpted in places where the plaster on the building is missing.

Finally I wanted to give the building the feeling of being in a ruined German city, so I used some 20mm propaganda posters I'd printed and hung onto years back from Wow, I just looked at that site, it's been a few years and there's a lot of cool stuff there. Definitely going back.

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