Saturday, May 30, 2020

Meanwhile in Rohan 8

This post will be much less interesting than the last one, as there are 100% no scantily dressed figures.   I got a bit of flack for posting the elf maiden photos on the Wargaming in Middle Earth Facebook page and rapidly deleted the post.  I never thought I was creepy, but apparently some did, so lesson learned.

So to today’s duller content.   Here are 12 Walkers of Rohan, bog-standard Rohirrim foot fighters, fresh off the Games Workshop sprue.

No mods of any sort.  The only concession to originality was to give a few of them grey cloaks vice the usual green cloaks.  I also made some attempt to change up the colours on the shields by using some blues and reds for variety.

Archers.  Can’t have enough of these chaps, especially for a siege game.  I have plans.

Fellow in the foreground is a bit of an oldster.  My white hair is almost as long as his in these lockdown days.

The most creative thing in this post is this Gripping Beast lead figure, of Alfred the Great, repurposed as a Lord of Rohan.  The shield transfer is from Little Big Men Studios.  


 Blessings to you brushes!


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Meanwhile - In the Elven Woodland Realms 4

Good morning from my part of Canada, where the spring has finally come in the latter part of May and we actually turning on the air conditioning yesterday!

Not sure these figures are dressed for AC.  Come to think of it, they’re not really dressed at all!   I’m a little embarrassed, being a vicar and all, about these figures, but I loved the aesthetic of the old War-games Foundry Realms of Faerie line and some years ago I jumped at the chance to buy the figures.    I’ve been intimidated about painting them, because flesh tones are hard to do right, but I’m reasonably happy with the way they’ve turned out.

These fierce young ladies join an existing cohort of finished figures to make a fairly distinctive war band for Dragon Rampant.  I’ve always enjoyed the comments of other gamers when their comrades appear on the table, so I expect these figures will raise some eyebrows.

 I modified the banner bearer to add a Games Workshop Uruk Hai head as a Middle Earth tie in.  Perhaps these figures are part of Galadriel’s secret service commando unit.  Professor Tolkien would doubtless frown in disapproval, but there you go.

 She’s a strong lass to hold all that up.

 Blessings to your brushes!


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Renegade 28mm Confederate Infantry

Good day:


I hope his finds you and yours well, healthy, and weathering the pandemic.   I’m pleased to say that I’ve used the lockdown time to be fairly productive.  Last night I finished this regiment of Confederate infanry, 28mm figs from Renegade in skirmish/firing poses.  Sadly I believe that Renegade is out of business.   I bough a box of these figures at HotLead many years ago, started painting them, life got messy, and put the on hold.  The minis got knocked around badly during several moves, and I lost the nerve to get them finished until recently.

The flag is a Mississipi state flag from GMB Designs.   I chose Mississippi as a homage to my late wife Kay, aka Madame Padre, who was a born and raised there.  I already have two MS regiments, so this this regiment gives me a third, enough to form a brigade, which is important if I want to play more Pickett’s Charge.

See if you can spot the one Old Glory figure in this group.

The figures are definitely on the large side, perhaps the largest range of ACW figures I’ve ever seen, and there solidity reminds me of Dixon figures.   I always find that Confederate figures are a bit of a slog to mix, as I try for a convincing mix of greys, tans and browns in my uniform palette.

Thanks for looking and blessings to your brushes!    Stay well and safe.


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