Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Praise For The Flag Dude

 I think that any wargames manufacturer who makes a good product deserves to be recognized, and so today I want to sing the praises of a business called The Flag Dude.   I saw a blog somewhere with some of these products displayed and got curious, especially as I am refitting my SYW Russian regiments and starting a Prussian project on the side, all of which requires new flags.  Normally my go-to guy for flags is GMB in the UK, and I hasten to say that I love GMB’s products - the colour is vivid, the quality of paper is high, and the service is excellent.   I am just curious by nature and have somewhat of a magpie approach to vendors.
The Flag Dude is a self-described mom and pop operation, run by Rick and Amanda O’Brien, from the state of Alabama in the USA.   They do a wide range of lines.  Rick was very easy to deal with, and sent me several prompt emails clarifying aspects of my order, which arrived promptly on my doorstep.
What I didn’t really appreciate about Rick’s product (though it is quite apparent on his website) is that his product is a very different animal from GMB’s.   Not better, just different.   I expected a small manila envelope with the paper flags enclosed, and was prepared to cut and mount them a la GMB.  Instead, I was rather puzzled to receive a small cardboard box, which struck my as over-packaging.  However, when I opened it, this is what I discovered.

SYW 28mm flags for Russia’s Azovski Regiment, and well as for the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the Observaton Corps.   Note that the flags come attached to flagpoles, and are textured and folded to simulate being blown in the wind.  And the little tassels!   So cool.

A banner for my SYW Ottoman Spahi unit I am in the process of building, plus flags for the first regiment of Prussian fusiliers which is in the painting queue.   I love the little gold knob on the Spahi flag.

Here’s some attention to customer service that deserves praise.  Rick has cut little bits of foam core board to organize and identify the flags, as well as to protect them in shipment.   Very thoughtful.
I am very happy to commend Rick’s products to you.  They are not cheap - the whole order was around $60US, and twenty five years ago I made flags by freehand with pen, ink, and paint, but fortunately and blessedly, I can now afford the odd extravagance.    There is a school of thought that faces, bases and flags make the unit, so if presentation is important to you, and you can afford the luxury, you may agree with me that this is money well spent.   And, frankly, I enjoy supporting a cottage industry level of the hobby if the product is good, and Rick’s products are good.
So, a tip of the biretta and the Mad Padre’s blessing to the flag dude.


  1. Bought a lot of these in the past, some real quality!

  2. Looks very good. Andrea brand flags are also top notch

  3. They look very nice! I like them beeing already attached to the flagpoles.

  4. Impressive looking flags, with that little bit extra that gives the product its distinctive character. If I could afford it... ...

  5. Those are mighty fine flags! The finials and tassels certainly make them worth the $10 each.

  6. They look to be well worth the money, for the quality you get here. Particularly like the realistic 'waviness' (all the technical terms are coming out now...)

    1. Indeed. The technical terms are flying. I'm not really following this any more. :)

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  8. Great blog! Really nice flags there. I'd say money well spent!


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