Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Miniatures Man 50K Giveaway


The wargaming blogosphere is replete with generous people.   My friend The Miniatures Man (aka Joakim, one of the Scandinavian wargaming fraternity and one of my people by vague ethnicity) is having a give way at his blog to celebrate 50,000 hits.   I encourage you to go there, congratulate him, put your name in for the chance for some nice swag (including some vintage GW 40K stuff) and link his contest on your blog if you have one.

We here at Mad Padre Wargames love a good giveaway, a did one ourselves last year to celebrate reaching a 100 followers.  In fact, as the hit counter creeps to 88K hits, I am thinking that a contest for 150 followers and 100K hits may be in order, whenever that happens.

Cheers, and blessings to your brushes and die rolls,


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