Sunday, June 9, 2013


Here is the picture as was hoping to show you, taken this Friday by our realtor, Sandy, as a happy Padre and Madame Padre pose by the sold sign of their house.

We had the offer just at the end of May, after a few days shy of two weeks on the market. We hadn't dared hope it would happen this quickly. The initial offer was less than we hoped, we made a firm counteroffer, and two days later the buyers agreed. We'll lose a little bit of money, but far less than we hoped, so we can close out this three year posting with a sigh of relief. In past moves I have had to drive away from an empty house with a for sale sign on the lawn, and that can be a nerve wracking experience.

The night the offer was accepted I went outside and took this picture. It was a surprisingly bittersweet moment. Military life offers travel, the chance to meet people, and many other benefits, but the downside is that one misses roots. This was a good house, and we put more than just money into it. We put hard work into it, inside and out, and creativity. Kay's green thumb was never more apparent than in the gardens she planted front and back, and her perennials are just coming into their glory. We had fun working with the painter on the colour scheme for the house two summers ago, and put our stamp on it. I guess we came to love it. Now there are less than seven weeks before we move on and turn the page.
I know we are far more fortunate than many who have substandard housing, or no housing at all. I also know that our next few postings will have houses that become homes, and, sooner than I might wish for, will come retirement and the chance to settle down and finally start on those roots. So life is good, and we are fortunate.
So, with the home sale behind us, I have a little time to paint and play some games before the movers come. What shall I do, I wonder?
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