Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Painting Table

Here’s this Saturday’s paint table.   There’s a cup of strong hot tea on the left, my reward for clearing the driveway.  I predict I’ll have to blow it again tonight, as it has been snowing steadily all day and shows no signs of stopping.

Two projects to focus on today.   First, that group of German armour I’ve been working on for the last few days is almost finished.  They just need some pigment and some final weathering, and their decals, and they’re done.

The next project in the queue, three Wargames Foundry hussars to serve as characters in my SYW Russian Army, and the Spahi command group from The Assault Group, the next step in my Spahi unit.  Everytime I sit in front of these figures, I question them about their desired uniforms and colour schemes.  So far, they haven’t given me much to work with.

Blessings to your brushes!


  1. Thanks for participating Michael! I added your link in my post. Great paint job on the tanks! And you have some lovely miniatures there!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. Your camo for the German Panzer is outstanding!

  3. Thank you! The PzKws IV and V are painted in the ambush pattern, which I always enjoy, but a friend tells me that Tigers were seldom seen in that pattern. Since Tigers were generally in their own distinct units (I think the word is Abteilung?) its useful to have a different camp pattern anyway.

  4. "So far, they haven’t given me much to work with."
    Have you been asking in Russian or Turkish?

  5. Good question. I had tried English and then French, the language of chivalry and diplomacy. My Russian and Turkish, sadly, is deficient. Learning German is a retirement goal, so I can read more military history and read Karl Barth in the original.

  6. The upside of snow, of course, is that it leaves you at liberty, with a conscience free from the distracting certainty that you ought to be doing something else, to work upon these splendid projects. B-) It is summer here, of course...

  7. those tanks are looking splendid Mike! I wish I was being as productive as you. We'll have to have them out for a bash soon I think.

  8. Nice job on the camo on those tanks. That looks great.


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