Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Follower Friday

I finished last week’s Friday Followers post with a mention of Tom Young, a Texas-based war gamer and blogger.  I am giving Tom another shout-out here today, because of his latest post  showing an incredible diorama of the Alamo using 18mm figures, that he has incorporated into a coffee table.  I think we should all get ourselves invited to Tom’s house for coffee.   An amazing accomplishment.

Here are five more folks who began following this blog in the last few months, and who have not been recognized in a proper and timely manner.  I started this post yesterday, Friday, so it still counts as Friday followers, says I.

James Brewerton is a veteran gamer and painter living in the UK, and a man with a good heart.  You can cheer him on in the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge, where he is currently in a very respectable 5th place.  James has his own blog but it seems that real life has forced him to suspend it for the near future.  I can sympathize with that, but hope he returns soon.

Edwin King is one of the hobby’s true eccentrics, in the tradition of Conrad Kinch.   His blog, endearingly titled Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist, is not really depressing at all, and reveals him to be the sort of chap you could expect to have a fascinating chat with over a pint.   He is a fan of classic moustaches, among other things.  Go check out his blog.   Edwin is also one of the Analogue Challenge brush slingers.

Jur is a shadowy fellow indeed.  My unpaid intern tells me that her research shows him to be based in Germany, possibly Essen, and that he is a contributor to a gaming blog called Fortress.   Wilkomen, Jur.

Another German follower is Moiterei_1984, another of the Analogue Painting Challenge brush slingers and an insanely talented painter.  His blog, which my bad German translates as “Moiterei’s World of Colour”, is a great source of painting inspiration.

Gary Amos is one of my favourite kinds of Brits - cheerful, all over the place and slightly daft.   And, his blog, says, he writes like James Joyce, which I rather agree with.  He also does the ACW, and introduced me to some of the luscious figures done by Forgotten and Glorious.  Me want bad.

So thank you all for your interest in my blog, and for your own efforts to further our slightly mad hobby.

Blessings to your dice and brushes,


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