Friday, January 10, 2014

New Follower Friday and This Week In The Hobby

It’s been a busy week, the first of a new semester in my MA program in religious studies, and I have a stack of books and articles on my desk that will be demanding more and more of my attention.  I hope I don’t lose all the impetus I’ve generated in my hobby activities over the holidays, though I fear I will lose some of it.  Choices, choices.

There has been some impetus.  I’ve been watching, as best I can, the amazing work being done by the brush-slingers on this year’s Analogue Hobbies painting challenge.  The entries in the current Villains round include some quite amazing work, particularly Sidney Roundwood’s Mata Hara diorama, and Curt’s 1812 Retreat From Moscow figures, which make me cold just looking at them.  Well worth the look.   I am content with my decision to sit this year’s Challenge out do to my studies, but I am very grateful to one of the Too Fat Lardies fraternity, Robert Avery, for running a friendly little painting competition on his blog, as an incentive to get people painting figures.  It’ working for me.  Thanks, Robert.

This week in the hobby I made a rash decision to purchase a chap’s 6mm Napoleonic collection, and will be looking forward to 6000 or so little Russians, Austrians and Frenchies landing on my doorstep.  Watch for excited blog posts soon.  I also have some 28mm Wargames Foundry Prussians on order for my SYW project, some flags from The Flag Dude in the US, and some Games Workshop LOTR figures almost finished on the workbench to show off soon.  Other than some bracing online chess with MiLord Archduke Piccolo, no gaming, alas, but it’s been a good week hobby wise.  Tonight I came home from school with a new copy of Plaid Hat Games Mice and Mystics which I am hoping to interest Mrs. Padre in playing with me.  So far it seems promising, since she has a fondness for mice.  So all in all a good week hobby wise, though I can’t afford many more like it.

 It’s Friday again and time to catch up on thanking some of the folks who have decided to follow this blog recently.   

Thanks to:

Stuart Surridge, a member of a UK club, The Wyvern Wargamers, whose blog makes me lament the lack of such organized clubs here in wintry Canada.

James Fisher, a gamer from Down Under, who is part of the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship - their blog has some massive Napoleonic scraps, the kind of thing I bought all those little Nap chaps for.

Rob Hingley is a fellow Canadian, from Montreal, Quebec, and has an interesting blog featuring some fine painting.  He seems to have succumbed to the zombie craze, poor fellow.

Grigork is another UK gamer, whose tastes are far-flung.  The wallpaper of his blog proudly displays a very handsome feline fellow sitting on his war-games table, a homage to Ross McFarlane, perhaps?

Last but not least is Tom Young, from Round Rock, Texas, one of my favourite parts of the US, whose blog shows some amazing home-made scenery.  I wonder if he does commissions.  Tom is apparently a medieval re-enactor and is a braver man than I am.

Welcome to you all, sirs, and thank you for following my blog.   Right, I’m off, promised Mrs. Padre we’d go to see Inside Llewyn Davis tonight - I love a Coen Bros film.

Blessings to your brushes and die rolls,


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