Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Surprise Stuka

Hello all.
Another highly irregular post, just to say hello, really and to acknowledge a lovely piece of kindness.   Recently a box arrived in the post, all the way from California, and inside was this lovely painted 15mm Flames of War Stuka

It was a gift from Dai, the gamer who runs the blog The Lost, the Damned and the Stunted, which I greatly enjoy.   In one of my fitful posts here, talking about my efforts to field an early WW2 Germany army for the Eastern Front, I was lamenting how the Germans fare against the Soviet KV1.   What you need, Dai said to me, is some air support, and I just have a Stuka that is surplus to requirements. So he very kindly painted it, boxed it, and sent it all the way from California to Canada as a gift.   And it is a nice little kit, done up at least as well if not better than I could have managed.

Thank you, my friend, for your lovely and thoughtful gift.   As young Kinch has said, the Freemasonry of our hobby is a wonderful thing, and it makes me feel fortunate to have found this community.
I am hopeful too that this gift might nudge me out of a months long painting and minis gaming slump.   Some of you who follow me on Twitter (@madpadre1) know the reasons why, and I’ll leave it at that for now.  I wish I was visiting your blogs as they deserve, and I thank you of you are reading this post.
Anyway, thanks Dai, you’re a good chap, and I hope to get this fellow into the air soon to clear the road to Moscow.

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