Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Night Painting Desk

I meant to do more painting than I did today but homework, plus a bumper crop of snow last night, had other designs on me.   Here’s a view of Appa the Volksbison, our trusty VW Westfalia, dreaming of warm summer road trips.

Now for the painting bench.  Quick and dirty photos tonight.

My Ottoman field gun(a Minifigs piece) is almost ready to be flocked, and the little ammunition box and bucket just need to be fixed up a bit.   This will give my Ottomans three cannon, and a fighting chance to hold against the masses of Russian artillery.  


Finally those three Assault Group Spahi are done and ready to be flocked.

15mm German tanks dirtied up after a black wash and ready for another date with the airbrush to get their cammo patterns, then the treads and some weathering and decals.


Next in the queue after these tanks are the PSC T34s mentioned in my last post, and then a unit of 28mm ACW Union infantry that have been half-finished for almost a year now.

Thanks for looking, and for Sofie for the idea of the Saturday night painting bench.   Blessings to your brushes!


  1. I love the flowers on the horses comparison. Well done Padre.

  2. Very nice Ottomans Padre. Great freehand on the caparisons and shields.

  3. Thanks for participating and sharing pictures of your paint table Michael! I posted your link in my blog post!
    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Oh my that is a dumping you've had! The armours looking good though.

  5. OK, I stand corrected. The red blossoms (?) do add a certain something to the 'vines vert on a field argent.'

  6. Thank you all. Yes, Michael, rather a dumping, and more since I took that. Fortunately, I now have a wonder weapon in my corner. :)
    MiLord Piccolo, thank you for your revised opinion. The red flowers seemed to tie the whole figure together. I am a little better at painting than I am at chess.
    I've since made a little progress on the tanks but I really think I need a compressor for the brush, as the can of air is depleted and eally isn't working well.

  7. Great freehand, I love the Spahi! Not sure how they'll hold up against the Russians but they'll look lovely in the attempt.


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