Friday, November 20, 2009

Four tanks in two scales

It's been a while for sure since I posted anything here. What can I say, I've been busy and I couldn't take my paints and brushes on a taxpayer's paid holiday to CFB Borden. I celebrated my return these last few weeks by getting some work done.

These are two Battlefront Panther G's in 15mm. The turret numbers are by Dom Skelton. I just hopped on Dom's website and noticed that he's expanding his line of German decals, though he hasn't yet started the SS divisions and the division I'm most interested in for my Normandy project is the Canadian's initial SS adversary, 12th SS.

Two 1/72nd scale Armorfast Cromwells - very easy kits to put together, made for wargamers. The decals are also from Dom Skelton and the divisional patches are from Guards Armoured. I am planning to use these tanks to represent the Welsh Guards as per the wargames scenario booklet published by Too Fat Lardies. I especially like Dom's tank name decals. The decals look ok even though they are meant for 15mm models and these are 20mm. The radio antennas are from a dollar store whisk broom. I tried making some camo nets for the Cromwells using bits of gauze bandage.

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