Sunday, March 27, 2016

Your Latest Daily Dissembler, Your Guide to a Quaint and Distant World in Flames

The latest edition of the Daily Dissembler, your guide to Europe in flames, is now available for discerning readers everywhere.  (For those not in the know, this is the latest newsletter from our ongoing play by blog Diplomacy Game. This issue includes creative and much appreciated copy by the Turkish and German players.


In this issue (link here) you will find:

Miss Amelia Roosevelt, America’s Girl Reporter, describes her exclusive meeting with the Kaiser.

Sir Erasmus Blatt’s perspicacious analysis of the European situation.

An eye-witness account of the Fall of Moscow!

Also, as an extra feature, we provide the latest English language news from Turkey, a Rising Power.   While the issue is included in the Dissembler, you can find a crisper imprint of the Ankara What here.



  1. As ever, this is marvellous stuff - hugely entertaining!

  2. Do I see my old friend Count di Graspi positioning himself for power?


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