Saturday, March 19, 2016

Diplomacy Game: Fall 1903 Results

Here are the results for the Fall 1903 turn.   I received orders from all players except for the French player.

Results for Fall, 1903 (Movement)

General Notices:

Order resolution completed on 18-Mar-2016 at 05:42:28 EDT

Order Results:


F alb - gre; A boh - vie; A bud - gal; A gre - ser;

A sil - war  Bounced with war (1 against 1). 


 F iri - mao; A lon Holds; F mao - por


No order for unit at Burgundy. Hold order assigned.

No order for unit at English Channel. Hold order assigned.

No order for unit at Marseilles. Hold order assigned.

No order for unit at Spain. Hold order assigned.

A bur Holds; F eng Holds; A mar Holds;

F spa/sc Holds Dislodged from gas (2 against 1). 


 F hel Convoys A kie -edi; A hol Holds

A kie - edi Convoy path taken: kie-hel-nth-edi. 

A mun Holds;  F nth Convoys A kie - edi


A gas - spaI; F lyo Supports A gas - spa

A pie - mar Bounced with mar (1 against 1). 

A tun Holds;  F tys Holds


 F bar - nwg; A gal - ukr

A mos - sev  Bounced with sev (1 against 1). Dislodged from ukr (2 against 1). 

F nwy Supports F bar - nwg;

A war Supports A gal - ukr Support cut by Move from Silesia. 

A Mos can retreat to Liv, StP


F aeg Supports F eas -ion;  F bla -rum A bul Supports F bla - rum; F eas - ion

A sev Supports A ukr - mos; A ukr -mos


Retreat Phase 1903

French fleet Spain SC only has one retreat option, to the West Med.  

Russian A Mos has two retreat options, either to Liv or to St. P.   I am waiting on the Russian player to decide where to retreat to before announcing the Fall 1903  builds.


  1. Well, Portugal has been England's oldest ally

  2. I seem to have missed events. I did start a Spring 1903 bulletin but never got close to finishing. Sorry about that. I'll see what i can do about this, though it doesn't really require much analysis. Quite a continental conflict raging!


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