Saturday, March 5, 2016

Your Latest Daily Dissembler, In A Handsome New Format!


The fast steamers from New York are just arriving in European ports, and bundles of America’s most prestigious journal of foreign news, the Daily Dissembler, are now on express trains heading to all of Europe’s capitals, embassies, chancelleries, War Ministries, and the better class of exotic nightculb.   But don’t worry, you can get your copy, now in a new, exciting format, HERE!

In this season’s edition:

Our usual penetrating analysis of the European Situation, with our resident expert, Sir Erasmus Blatt

The latest adventures of America’s Girl Reporter, Miss Amelia Roosevelt, including an account of what REALLY happened in Paris!

An interview with the Italian player

The latest English language edition of the leading Turkish newspaper, the Ankhara What, courtesy of the Turkish Player

All letters to the editor are welcome. 


  1. That's an excellent publication! Very professional looking and a good read.

  2. How nice, a good read I look forward to the next exciting edition!
    Best Iain

  3. This is wonderful, simply wonderful!

  4. It goes from strength to strength!

  5. Thank you all. Your comments are worth more than the Pullitzers we are frequently nominated for.


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