Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Diplomacy Game: Spring 1903 Turn Concluded

Spring 1903 moves were a hot mess.  France recaptures Marseilles thanks to a surprise lunge by the Italian army into the heart of la Republique.   Germany regains Holland and destroys the English fleet there, while withdrawing from Austria.   A surprise move by the Russians into Galicia opens the Ukraine to a Turkish army, which must have shocked the Turkish General Staff.   All eyes are on Germany to see where she will commit herself.

Results for Spring, 1903 (Movement)
 General Notices:
All dislodged units destroyed; advancing to next phase.Order 
resolution completed on 08-Mar-2016 at 20:01:06 EST
Order Results:

No order for unit at Greece. Hold order assigned.Austria: 

 A bud - gal Bounced with ukr (1 against 1). 

A gal -sil; A gre Hold;  F tri -alb; A vie - boh

The Fleet in Holland cannot retreat; unit destroyed.
England: F hol - nth Bounced with nth (1 against 1). Dislodged from bel (2 against 1).

F iri Supports F nao - mao; A lon Holds;  F não - mao



 A bur Supports A spa -mar;  F eng - mao  Bounced with nao (1 against 1). 

 F mao - spa/sc;  A spa - mar

A bel - hol; A boh - mun; F den - hel; A mun - kie; F nth Supports A bel - hol


A mar - gas; F nap -tys; A naf - tun;  A ven - pieI; F wes -lyo

A mos - sev  Bounced with sev (1 against 2). 

 F nwy Holds; F stp/nc - bar;  A ukr -gal; A war Supports A ukr - gal


 F bla Supports A sev; A bul Holds;  F con - aeg; A rum -ukr; A sev Supports A rum - ukr

Support cut by Move from Moscow;  F smy - eas


Situation at the Start of Fall 1903 Turn:



  1. This has got to be one of the best Diplomacy games I've ever seen from the point of view of interesting events. My first thoughts, by the way, on Italy's moves, I have been forced to change, now that I have looked at the map. At once the moves to the GofL and Tunisia make a lot of sense. The Western Powers look to be in deep trouble, the Central Powers in turmoil, and the Eastern Powers... well, Turkey is going great guns, eh?

  2. I agree with the Archduke. Some great surprises and developments. It will be fascinating to see some of the diplomacy behind these moves.

  3. Interesting, for sure. Has the game stalled?


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