Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Diplomacy Game, Fall 1902 Results

A bunch of stuff has happened in the past few days.

Moves for the Fall 1902 Turn (Turn 4).  Noteworthy actions:

A concerted Turkish attack droves the Russians from Sevastapol.  

The German High Seas Fleet drives the Royal Navy from the North Sea, while the English hold the Irish Sea against the French MAO fleet.

Italy easily drives off a French attempt to retake Marseilles, while that Germany army in Tyrolia moves north to Bohemia, perhaps trying the patience of its Hapsburg guests.

The Retreats Phase.  The Russian army has no other route to retreat except Moscow.   The English fleet in the NorS has many options, though, and chooses the most vexing possible route for the German player by slipping into Holland and taking it from the Germans.  That deprives Germany of a build and saves England from removing a unit in the build phase.


The situation at the start of Turn 5 / Spring 1903.

Austria builds an Army in Budapest, Turkey a Fleet in Smyrna, Italy a Fleet in Naples and Russia an Army in Warsaw.


Next turn is a week from today (Tuesday March 9).


  1. I bet Wilhelm slammed his fist down on the desk hard when the English slipped a fleet into Holland!

  2. Germany slipped up there. Had the army stayed in Holland, Germany would have kept the Low Countries and got a very handy build. But he had to concern himself about France helping himself to Holland...

    One of the problems that my alter ego, Genl Sr Erasmus has, is to say too much. Not that I saw Germany's moves, or any such attack upon British holdings, you understand. But the present situation is so replete with possibilities it is very tempting to examine them in detail. I think in his next column might have to curb his enthusiasm and keep things fairly general.

    Fascinating situation, though...

  3. Goodness. 1903 is going to call for some tricky manoeuvres from just about all the players. Fascinating!

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