Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rohirrim vs Warg Rider

A little work finished last weekend for my ongoing Middle Earth project. 

Plastic 28mm Games Workshop Rider of Rohan.   I am not fond of GW mounted figures, especially if, like this one, the horse is only anchored to the base on one paw … err, hoof.  Don’t know much about horses, do i?  Anyway, that one anchor point just begs for the horses to get snapped off the base.  

Anyway, I bought a bunch of these figures years ago when my kids were teens, and got them roughly half painted but lost steam when my kids lost interest.  I am slowly finishing and refurbishing them.  This fellow is one of them.  I am mostly following the colour scheme from the PJ movies, earth tones for the leather armour and green for the cloak and shield.

And his adversary, a Warg rider.  Unlike the first figure, this one is a metal casting, warg and rider, so a much more stable figure on the base.   I wasn’t sure about the face but I decided it looked scary with bare skin and nasty yellow eyes.  i”m not sure about the utility of his weapon - not effective as a lance, perhaps, but maybe useful for pulling something off his horse?

It’s sort of like one of those terrible History Channel documentaries, pitting famous warriors against each other.  Warg Rider vs Rohirrim, who will win?  Find out after this commercial break.

Don’t bite my horse, you nasty thing!


I’m slowly getting to the point where I might put some LOTR toys on the table and try Dux Rohirrim.  Or Gondorum.  Or something.

These figures bring my 2015 totals to:

28mm:  Foot Figures: 65; Mounted Figures: 13, Artillery: 2, Vehicles: 2, Scenic Pieces: 2

20mm:  Vehicles: 1; Artillery: 1, Foot Figures: 6

15mm: Armour/Vehicles: 5; 15mm Scenic Pieces: 5

6mm:  Scenic pieces:  7

Blessings to your brushes!



  1. Those two figures look great and will look fantastic as part of a game.

  2. The pair looked in battle is a tremendous sight - fabulous job Padre.

  3. Very nice looking figs, Padre!
    Did you try my suggestions for securing the plastic horsies?

  4. Remind me what those suggestions were, Thomas?

    1. Deary me, that post was a year ago! Time flies!
      Anyway, here it is: http://getitpainted.blogspot.se/2014/10/basing-horses.html

  5. At first I thought that the Rohirim's horse was posed rather awkwardly, but in the pics showing him facing off against the filthy Warg he looks very dynamic.

    These are very nicely painted - the skin faced warg is appropriately creepy.

  6. Nice.
    As far as the orcsies lance thingy, more pointy bits is more good.

  7. Lovely work on the pair! Funnily enough your the second blog to come across tonight talking about fragile anchor points. I have to agree it really bugs me as well.


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