Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

On the painting desk today - a six figure 28mm ACW command group from French minis maker Forgotten and Glorious, from their Iron Brigade line.  In the back are some Weird War figures ready to go to the basing shop - more on them anon.

 These fellows will lead the 24th Michigan, the third regiment for my Iron Brigade project.  They are lovely sculpts, very well researched.  The quality of the gear and the accoutrements are first rate.

Blessings to your paint brushes!



  1. Excellent work, Michael! I have one F&G Zouave figure that I painted as a test. Like, you, I was quite impressed with the quality of sculpting. Nice figures!

    1. Thanks Jonathan. F&G are nice figures. I have my eye on some of their Zouaves to paint up as the 14th Brooklyn - a very attractive uniform.

  2. Replies
    1. So do I. Even though accounts were that the some troops would throw them away as soon as they were on campaign (of course, the Iron Brigade would never do that!), they do look cool.

  3. What blue do you use for the trousers and insignia of Union infantry, Padre?

    1. Hello John:
      My Union blue is a bit of a secret sauce and it seldom turns out the same both times. All the paints I use this uniform are Folk Art acrylics from a craft store like Michaels.
      For Union frock coats and shell jackets:
      The base coat is 964 Midnight which is a nice dark black/blue.
      I used to do a wash but now I just mix 964 Midnight with Folkart 401 True Blue, about half and half, and apply (or dry brush as you like) to raised ideas.
      Then just dry brush or paint selectively with a little 401 True Blue and you get a nice final result.
      For Union kersey blue trousers I use Folkart 639 French Blue and when dry I use a Citadel Wash, Drakenhof Nightshade. Once dry, paint or dry brush with more 639 French Blue. Finally, if you like, mix a little French Blue with some white, equal parts, and highlight or dry brush to get the creases and other raised areas.
      There you go!

  4. Great start Michael. Lovely looking figures as well. Nice sculpts with plenty of detail but not to fiddly.

    1. Thanks mate! They are nice indeed. Among my favourite ACW figures.


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