Monday, April 6, 2015

Six-Squared Studios - My Hot Lead 2015 Discovery

They say that good wargames are made by bases, faces, and flags, which is a motto I try to live by.  But how to get the bases?   Folks in the UK can order from companies like Warbases or but their product at all those amazing shows you folks have in your tiny little country.  Not saying I’m jealous … well,  not much.

 Lacking ready access to Warbases, here’s the sub-optimal solution. Here’s how I’ve made bases for years and years.  Buy a sheet of MDF, use a ruler to make moderately exact squares or rectangles with a pencil, and then cut them out with a craft knife.   I try to do this without incurring carpal tunnel syndrome or without amputating a finger tip.  As you can see from the top image, the results are a little ragged looking.


A better way.  Here’s one of Six-Squared products, a laser-cut 2” by 2” piece of MDF.  Nice, huh?

Here’s how I make circular bases.  A drill, a circular drill bit, a jagged piece of MDF that needs lots of trimming, and lots of sawdust all over the place.

Better.  Six-Squared laser cut circular bases.  

Six-Squared are a Canadian company based in St. Catherines, Ontario.  The products in the photos above were purchased (this blog does not review free samples, since, well, no one’s asked me too)  at Hot Lead this year and I quite like them.   They make a ton of products besides bases, including resin haystacks, craters, and river tiles.  They will make custom bases to your specifications. Their website is found here.   Check them out, and save your fingertips!






  1. I was a late convert to pre cut MDF bases - they are the business.

  2. Litko also does laser cut MDF bases. Laser cut are so much better than anything I can do, plus. Lasers.

  3. Laser cut bases are the way forward imo. East Riding Miniatures doesa good selection too.

    If you struggle to source anything from the UK let me know if I can help with any of it.



  4. Watch your fingers Mike. I use vinyl tiles myself.

  5. Thanks for the 6 Square Studios shout out. We do our best to make quality MDF bases at a fraction of what it would cost from our competitors.

    We are located in St. Catharines, Ontario and our prices are in CDN. That means Canadians have a "local" source and Americans have an even cheaper supply given the current exchange rate. Plus, we are near the border and can drop them in the USPS system for you.

    Check us out at

    1. Was looking through your site for shipping info to the US. Guessing that your prices aren't all that bad after reading this comment. :)

    2. Dai, this is a very good time to buy from a Canadian dealer, given the exchange rate.

  6. Once I discovered Litko in the USA, the days of handcutting bases became a relic of the past. The time and injury avoided was well worth the cost.


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