Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Terrain Tuesday: Winter Terrain for My Canadian Pulp Project

I’m happy that I’ve posted on this subject three Tuesdays in a row!   

Yes, this is for my The Rockies Ablaze Project, which I am taking off the back burner for a while.    I need some more scenery and a cabin before I introduce a new character.

These craft store trees will need more snow than this!

Check in again next Tuesday to see the final result.  Check in again earlier than that for the start of a 28mm ACW project, The Battle of Seven Pines.

 In the meantime, blessings to your tiny landscapes.



  1. I've really enjoyed your Rockies Ablaze project so am excited to see more done for this.

    Battle of Seven Pines? Can't wait.

    1. Thanks, Dai. Now that I have more terrain done I will revisit it. Rules are the dilemma now, especially involving how to represent a werewolf on the table!

  2. Great terrain and am glad this project is off the back burner as I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with it...

    1. Thank you Alan, trying to advance all my hobby projects these days.


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