Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Eve Story: The Shepherd - Frederick Forsyth - read by Alan Maitland from CBC Radio

If you grew up as I did, listening to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio, chances were this reading of a Christmas Eve ghost story by the late Al Maitland was a tradition.   I have fond memories of driving through the snow covered Ontario countryside late one Christmas Eve, on my way to a family gathering, and listening to this on the car radio as the moon scudded along to one side

It takes about half an hour, so grab a rum and eggnog or your favourite drink, settle in by the glow of the Christmas tree, and enjoy.   Happy Christmas to you and yours from Madame Padre and myself.


  1. A favorite of mine as well, if I happen to be at home on Christmas Eve. First time I've listened to it in 4 or 5 years. A Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Padre as well.

  2. This and his telling of the gift of the Magi are etched in my brain or rather, in my heart.

    Merry Christmas to the 2 of you.

  3. I've never heard the story read, but have a copy of the book - slender paperback with monochrome illustrations - kicking around the house somewhere.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Michael!

  4. Thanks Mike, I'll reserve this for after luch
    Merry Christmas to you and a special one for Mrs Padre

  5. Merry Christmas to you, Padre! Will listen to this today sometime!

  6. Am saving this for when I next paint.

    Merry Christmas Mike.

    1. Okay, just listened whilst painting.

      A. Classic tale. Not heard it, but have heard one like it from my grandfather.
      B. Thoroughly enjowed the story. I think stories like this will be few and far between as we get older. Which is sad.

      Thanks for the suggestion padre.

    2. So glad you liked it, Dai! Al Maitland was a fixture of CBC Radio for many many years. He had a persona called "Fireside Al" that read many stories, and this one has remained a Christmas tradition after his death. I doubt it would be as interesting to people who lacked the historical knowledge.


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