Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast is Live!


Exciting news to pass on to you, gentle readers.   For some time now, my dear friend James and I have been kicking about the idea of a podcast focusing on the Canadian wargaming scene.   Friends and wargaming twitter encouraged us to proceed, and so we committed to the project and the debut podcast is now available for download from Podbean.  The technical aspects of podcasting are a bit of a learning curve that we have not fully mastered, but we are getting there.   It was great fun to partner with my oldest friend in the hobby, and we have some exciting guests lined up for future episodes.    

We’d be be grateful if you would give us a listen, give us some feedback, follow the podcast and spread the word.    

Here are the show notes that we posted on Podbean:

In this inaugural episode of the Canadian Wargamer Podcast, hosts and BFFs Mike (@MarshalLuigi) and James (@JamesManto4) introduce one another and address the crucial question: does the world need another miniature wargames podcast in which two (youngish) granddads natter on?  Spoiler alert - yes, it does.

We explain our Concept of Operations for the podcast:

1. Tell stories about the Canadian wargaming scene, a small scene in a BIG country. 

2. Introduce Canadian hobby leaders - figure sculptors and producers, bloggers, local linchpins - and hear their stories;


3. Explore connections between Canadian military history and wargaming.  Of course, we may also talk about our goblin wolf riders and Prussian grenadiers, but we are particularly interested in representing Canadian battles and soldiers on the tabletop.

We talk about what's keeping us busy for the next month:  

James - lots of decidedly non-Canadian Napoleonics.

Mike - might get to those 15mm Canadians in Sicily this month.

We also shamelessly steal Andy Clarke's virtual library schtick from his Joy of Six podcast.  We intend to ask each guest to "donate" one or two books with a Canadian military connection. In this issue, we each put two books on the digital shelves.

James' choices:

Mark Zuehlke, Brave Battalion: the Remarkable Story of the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) in the First World War (2008).

Chris Wattie, Contact Charlie: the Canadian Army, the Taliban, and the Battle that Saved Afghanistan (2008).

Mike's choices:

Frederick George Scott, The Great War as I Saw It (1922).

Farley Mowat, The Regiment (1974).


Let us know what you thought of the podcast and tell your friends!   Also, check out our blogs:





  1. Excited to listen to the inaugural episode! Once I get back to work Wednesday I’ll be sure to offer feedback

    1. Thanks Dai - you and your Dieppe project even got a brief mention!

    2. More of a mention than it deserved. LOL

      Enjoyed that. I think for a first episode by podcast newbies you two did well. Hope the 1.5+ hour length continues, I like listening to podcasts whilst I work so I've got around 8 hours to fill up in my work day!

  2. Congrats on your first podcast!It was good to hear your voice after so many years of reading blog posts and comments! :)

    1. Thank you Tamsin and likewise. You and your mates on the Mad Axeman podcast are a lively bunch, and even though I don't do ancients, it's a fun listen. Cheers, MP

  3. My congratulations to you and James on your inaugural podcast. You are off to a good start!

    I'm not a podcast guy but I now have an app loaded and am following one podcast!

    If you really are desperate enough for content to want to talk to an old hermit living in the backwoods, drop me an email. I'm afraid I'm not as up on modern trends and the real scene in the Martimes as I might be but I do now have 50 (?!?) years of wargaming in Canada from Montreal in the 70s to NS today, just with a tendancy to wander away from well travelled roads.

    1. Hi Ross:

      I'm so pleased that you listened to our first podcast, and that you caught my mention of wanting to bring you on as a guest. I would love to arrange that with you, probably in the next 2-4 months. I'll be in touch. Thanks again for the listen, so glad you enjoyed our rambling! Cheers, MP

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I enjoyed the initial offering and look forward to further podcasts. Will they all be about an hour and a half?

    1. Thanks John, yes, about ninety minutes tops. Most podcasts are too long, IMHO.

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  7. ok listened to the podcast glad you guys are doing it, but very hard to contact you no links just to your from Ottawa and would like to contribute to future casts if you have an interest, thanks Gary


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