Thursday, January 19, 2017

First German Units Report for Barbarossa

So the good news is that Madame Padre is back home and doing well.   And there's also some less important hobby news to report.
Amidst my Tolkien-inspired efforts of late, I took a small sideroad to get a start on a German early WW2 force in 15mm to oppose my Soviets.

These three models are by the Russian manufacturer Zvezda, sold as part of their Art of Tactic series.  They were kindly given to me by Steve Whitesell, the proprietor of an excellent blog with a WW2 and WW3 theme.

Zevezda kits are compatible with other 15mm models, and while they are less detailed, they are easy t assemble.  For these two tanks, the track and road wheel assembly is all one part that glues onto the bottom of the hull.  Easy peasy.

These two PZ 38s and the tiny tank (sorry, the SdKfz 222) armoured car make the nucleus of a recce unit (sorry, aufsklarungsgruppe) suitable for early war.   I was pressed for time, as I wanted to get an entry into the Armor theme bonus round of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  There were some fifty entries riffing in various directions on this theme, and it is well worth your having a look here.  If you look at nothing else there, go admire the talented Michael Awdry's wonderful Grail Knights homage to Monty Python.

My effort was paltry by comparison.  The German Gray is a base of  a Vallejo primer, brushed on as I did not have time to break out my airbrush.  When dry I hit them with Citadel Nurn Oil or whatever it is called (I far prefer Army Painter Strong Tone but am currently out) and then did some rust and chipping.  Most of the weathering got obliterated when I drybrushed on some craft store tan paint to suggest the dust of the Russian roads.  Bases are MDF, handcut, with some plastic wood texturing and then flocking.  The crosses are by Battlefront and the Pz38 turret numbers are by Dom's decals.

I have five Plastic Soldier Company early model PZIIIs assembled and painted, another pack of five PZ38s with the option to build as the Marder variant, also from PSC, so I may build a zug of three Marders for later war and give two of the 38s to this unit.

It's a start.

These figures bring my 2017 totals to:
15mm: Vehicles and AFVs: 3

28mm:  Foot Figures: 29;  Mounted Figures: 2


  1. Looking good, Padre! You have to love that panzer grey early war look!

  2. Very nice and I do so like the pz38t. A fine looking early war tank.
    Good news on Madame Padre being home. Best wishes to you both.

  3. Very good news to read that Kay is back home! That must be a terrific relief.
    As for your trio of models, they look great to me. I have a bunch of 15mm German Zvezda vehicles to work on and my initial attempts with Panzer Grey made them look too uniformly dark. Can you explain again how you highlighted the Panzer Grey?

  4. Extremely happy to hear the goode wife is home. Far more comfortable there afterall.

    Tanks and AC look just fine. No idea what you are on about with that talk of highlights being covered by Russian dusts? :)

  5. Spiffy!
    We could put quite a large Barbarossa force together between us.

  6. Glad to hear the Mrs. is home. Hope its all upward and onward from here.

    Nicely done, these fellows rock! WW II looks great in 15mm.

  7. Great to hear that Madame Padre is home, wonderful news. Now this is an interesting diversion and a smashing start. Thank you also for the kind words, greatly appreciated.

  8. Good news:Kay is home. Excellent! Give her my love.
    Bad news:you have painted that Pz38(t) the wroing colour, I'm afraid.

  9. A worthy start Mike. They all look great!

  10. Excellent news on all fronts, Mike. Looking forward to seeing these in action!

  11. I think your tanks /armoured car look great, love those Czech 30s design, colour looks good to me.
    Best Iain

  12. Fabulous looking Panzer! The 38(t) is one of my favourite vehicles of that phase of that period.


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