Monday, March 31, 2014

More 6mm Napoleonic Buildings ... and a Milestone!

A few posts back I showed off two 6mm resin building models from Baccus that I have recently painted.   While I was at Hot Lead two weekends ago, sadly just for a few hours as I was quite tired from travel, my chum James Manto managed to point me to a vendor who was trying to get rid of some old stock, including a ziplock bag of 6mm lead buildings, which I got for a bit of a steal.


Lord knows who the manufacturer is or how old they are - any ideas?.  The sepia colour in the photo is curious - some of it is due to photo-editing but it is there in the metal, which to me suggests age.   The bag included a satisfying amount of buts and pieces … chimneys, dormers, and the like.   Even though I want some of the TImeCast stuff (curse you, Kinch!) now I have the makings of a decent central European village - Altemetallburg, maybe?

I’m open to colour suggestions for painting the walls and roofs.

In other news, while I was at the gym this morning the page view count tipped over 100,000.   There is a contest coming, with prizes for cleverness, details to follow in the next post.

Blessings to your brushes and die rolls.



  1. A great result and a fabulous milestone - well done that man.

  2. Nice looking buildings, not sure who made them, but I'm sure Baccus original made lead buildings?? Well done on the 100k too!

  3. 100k is a worthy milestone!

    Congrats. No idea on the buildings though. :/

  4. Some of the building are from GHQ.
    Very nice but pricy to buy new.

    Old Pongo.


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