Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baccus 6mm Farm Buildings

I’m actually composing this blog post on a plane from Toronto to a conference in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is rather fun.  I’m hoping it will be warmer there.

Part of my original foray into Napoleonics was to buy these two resin farm buildings from Baccus (POW 1 Belgian Farm and Barn).    Both very nice models, with lots of detail, and a lot of fun to paint.



My only reservation with these models is the resin base, which isn’t a perfect fit with the buildings, which look slightly odd when nested in the base (Baccus calls them plinths), but I suppose they don’t look too bad from a distance.


I’m always a little uncertain about painting historical European buildings.   I always wonder if I have things like the roof tiles correct.   Sometimes they appear to be a kind of blue in period paintings, which inspired me to do the farmhouse roof in a Vallejo Luftwaffe uniform blue with a bit of a wash and a lighter highlight.  I dunno, it looks pleasing enough and it’s a slight contrast to the gray roof of the brick barn.   


I have hundreds of little Nap chaps to sort and base, so getting more terrain pieces isn’t a huge priority for me, but I will eventually need some more 6mm terrain for this period.   Since the figures I bought are French, Austrian and Russian, I suspect these two buildings are a little too western European.  I may need to look for models a little more central or eastern European.   I know there are several firms (including Baccus) that make scenery in this scale for this period, but Id appreciate any ideas you may have.   I will also need to make terrain - hills, roads, woods, hedges, etc.   I haven’t had time to search for any blogs that may offer 6mm terrain hints and how tos, so again, any suggestions appreciated.

I won’t have time to visit any hobby stores while in DFW, which is probably just as well, as I doubt I’ll find anything in the right scale, since they say that everything is bigger in Texas!

Blessings to your dice rolls and paintbrushes!



  1. Modern technology, eh? They look rather swish, Mike, and I know what you mean about bases. I've always struggled to prevent them 'curling' upwards with time, and plywood is the only option I've found, despite its cost. Have a good time in Texas!

  2. Nice addition to the table. I recently received a half dozen Baccus buildings when a friend came to town. I too am concerned about the suitability of the plinths, but judging from your photos it's not a big problem.

  3. For 6mm buildings - time cast can not be bettered. They also do a range for the eastern front that would do the trick.

  4. Nice ones!

    Regarding the roofs they are sometimes slate -- blueish grey -- or ceramic or terracotta tiles. Slate appeared wherever there were plentiful of slate to be used.

  5. Very little is available in DFW. I used to live there and the one wargames store closed back in 1986... which doesn't mean a new one hasn't opened. I just wouldn't bet the farm on it. Y'll have a good time! Ask for a good Mexican place and try the Pacifico beer - the best made!

  6. Fantastic buildings! Both are quite well done.


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