Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Guns Of The Sultan

As I mentioned here recently, Sultan Osman the Petulant is delighted to take delivery of his new cannon.   The Czar’s Overseer of Intelligence, Count Boris Badinoff, has learned that the Sultan has organized his gunners into a western-style battery, and has ordered training to develop their skills.  Count Boris suspects that the Sultan has hired military advisers from Prussia.   Here the Sultan instructs his Master Gunner prior to the first battery shoot.

The massed battery preparing to fire.  The gunners in the foreground wear the parade or garrison uniform designed by the Sultan’s father, who admired the look of Europe’s armies and liked things smart and tidy.   His son is more of a traditionalist, and does not mind that his master gunner and his crew wear a more informal field dress.

The heaviest gun yet cast by the Sultan’s foundries, “The Prophet’s Honour”, passes its first test.   The special effects are supplied by an infernal device that young Kinch kindly gave me.

 Battery fire techniques are tried, and the fall of shot measured against ranged stakes.   The Sultan is pleased with what he sees.  Fortunately no barrels burst and the Master Gunner and the Foundry Master will be handsomely rewarded, as opposed to being horribly punished.

It seems that preparations for the coming campaign season with Russia are well underway!


  1. Nice looking Ottomans. I still want a force of Ottomans for Sharp Practice but that is rather low on the list of things to do at the moment.

  2. It is as it was written, praise be.

    (and very pretty too!)


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