Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And The Winners Are

Milords and ladies, the results of the Mad Padre Wargames 50K/100 contest are in. We have our winners. But first, a review of our fabulous prizes.

There are three prizes that our winners can choose from, with Winner 1 having his choice of the three, and Winner 2 choosing from the two remaining, and Winner 3 getting the one left. Tres simple, n'est-ce pas? The first two are from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures range of two-fisted, hard charging, devil may care adventurer types. Apologies for these oversized photos, a bit of a cock-up on the ImageShack front, apparently.

We have Pith Helmet Guy. For some reason, he seems sinister to me. I'm guessing he's a Nazi agent or spy keeping tabs on the British some place where mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

Next up is a lady I've come to know and love as Safari Girl, cutting her way through the elephant grass with her trusty machete. If she could speak, I'll bet she'd sound just like Katharine Hepburn.

The third prize is this motorcycle dispatch rider from Great War Miniatures. I'm not an expert on Great War miniatures by any means, but he is sculpted wearing armbands and there is some evidence that dispatch riders were part of the Signal Corps, whose colours are white over blue. Those same colours fly today over the signals detachment building at the base where I work, so I think I'm good. Some poetic license with the motorcycle license plate, numbering, and roadsigns.

Everyone at Mad Padre Wargames worked hard to make this a fair and transparent process. In the absence of President Jimmy Carter and the United Nations, Stanley the Cat was drafted to oversee the process. Here he carefully examines the names of the contestants, carefully placed in the Mad Padre beret.

Madame Padre draws the the first winner, and it is ... Peter Douglas! Congratulations, Peter, you have your choice of the three prizes. Please email me at madpadre (at) gmail.com with your choice and address.

Madame Padre draws the second winner, and it is ... Wargaming News and Terrain! Congratulations sir! Please email me at madpadre @ gmail.com with your address and I'll let you know which two prizes you can choose from.

Madame Padre draws the third prize, and it is ... Chris Stoesen! Congratulations,Chris. I have your email address, I'll let you know what's left.

And finally, the fabulous bonus prize. As you may recall, I promised a bonus prize to the person whose literary undertaking had the greatest literary merit. Madame Padre accepted the role of judge, with the sole instruction that she choose the entry that most tickled her fancy. She took this role most seriously, and pondered the entries for almost half an hour. Madame Padre liked many, and her Honourable Mention award (sadly, no prize) goes to Mike Whittaker, whose sonnet was a very clever example of that genre. However, the one which made her laugh the most, and which earned her thumbs up, was ...

Dux Homunculorum, whose short but well crafted entry asked just why that padre in the blog masthead is leaning so close to that vamptastic temptress. A good question. Congratulations, Dux, that was a great entry. Your prize is this Great War Miniatures Tommy, gamely kicking a football towards the Hun lines. If you don't game the period, I hope he graces your desk or bookshelf, because he's a wonderful sculpt and I hope I did justice to him. I have your email address so will ping you for your snail mail address. I should add as a disclaimer that Madame Padre knew nothing of my winning a prize on Dux H's blog recently, so there was no fix, no quid pro quo here. Stanley the Cat made sure this was a clean contest.

So there you have it, gentles all, thanks for playing in this contest. For those of you who didn't play, I hope we'll see you in the 200K pageview / 200 follower contest, whenever that may be. Blessings to your die rolls!


  1. WhooHoo! Thank you sir. All are very nice prizes indeed.

  2. Huzzahs all round! Jolly good idea for a contest Mike, and hearty congratulations to the winners! Hopefully won't be too long until the next one!

  3. I'm so chuffed! Thank you sir for a great competition and such a lovely prize. I will find a good use for him. Thank you Mrs Padre for your questionable taste in poetry. And Stanley - your fish are in the mail.

  4. Congratulations chaps and what great prizes

  5. Many congratulations to the lucky winners.

  6. Well deserve all, my warmest congratulations guys

  7. I have to say I'm touched that I have earned
    An honourable mention for my rhyme.
    Congratulations to the winners one and all,
    And to the others, better luck next time.

  8. Mike

    I'd like to thank the academy and the fuzzy feline....
    I'll take the lady with the machete - she had me at the Katherine Hepburn reference..


  9. Safari Girl is off to Regina, SK. Maybe she can go elk or moose hunting up north. Footie Tommy is off to Australia. That leaves WNT to choose between Pith Helmet Guy and Motorcycle Guy.

  10. Thanks for the nice gift! Looking forward in putting one of them on my tabletop!

  11. Motorcycle Guy goes to Wargame News and Terrain, once he tells me where to send it.
    So Pith Helmet Guy goes to Chris Stoesen in Georgia, USA.

    I hope to get stuff in the mail NLT this Saturday.


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