Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work In Progress: More Russkies On Horsies

February is Russian month is winding down, and these chaps are taking up most of my time at present. Front Rank 28mm Prussian Hussars that are being pressed into Russian service. The paint scheme is quite attractive: yellow pelisses with red piing and black fur trim, red and black headgear, red trousers, red and yellow sabretache, powdered whigs. I am still experimenting with yellow. I bought a bottle of Army Painter Daemonic Yellow for the job but the shade seems off to me, not bright enough. I then tried Americana Cadmium Yellow which is alarmingly bright. I may try a blend of the two next.

The goal remains to have them finished and based before the Analogue Painting Challenge ends on 20 March. These aren't the kind of figures I can speed paint. Even though the Front Rank line may be a little dated, they are beautiful sculpts, and deserve some time and attention, though I still question the return on invested time in painting this kind of figure in 28mm. I could likely turn out a division of Napoleonic cavalry in 6mm in the same period of time. But ... they are pretty.


  1. Very nice! I see the white undercoat has served you well - I always use it for my Palladians and they have a sort of Napoleonic-era uniform. With hindsight, one wonders at the chain of events and decisions that let to yellow being selected as the best possible uniform colour.

    Great stuff, Comrade Mike! Well done with Russian month.

  2. Nice work, Mike. They look better than my Freikorp 15 Russian hussars.

    Any word on your KW sojourn?

  3. I like to use an ochre undercoat and then highlight with yellow.

    But they look very pretty.

    Too bad my Prussians are 15mm.... :(

  4. What warriors! They rode right over those bottlecaps. Poor bits of plastic didn't stand a chance.

  5. My word they are rather splendid, but oh so detailed!

  6. Nice work! Yellow is such a tough color to paint.


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