Monday, February 25, 2013

The Mad Padre 100/100K Contest!: There's Still Time To Play!

As valued readers of this blog will know, I announced a contest exactly a month ago when this blog hit two milestones: 100 followers AND 100,000 page views. As I described it, the contest was as follows:

Write a poem (free verse, rhyming couplets, haiku, sonnet, limerick, rap) about something you've seen or read about anywhere in this blog. If you're shy, you can simply email it to me at madpadre atsymbol gmail dot com. If you're bold, you can show your creativity for all to see as a comment to this post. You have until Sunday, 2 March, to come up with something. Since not all poets are created equally, I will choose the three entries at random. In order of their selection, the first, second and third winners will get to choose one of these miniatures.

The miniatures in question. As you can see, I've made a little progress since 25 Jan, and I need to get a shift on and finish them and get credit for them with Curt for the Analogue Painting Challenge. The figures are a WW1 British dispatch rider (Great War Miniatures) and two adventurers from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures.

Prizes will be chosen from submitted entries at random, though Mrs. Padre will cast her discerning eye over them and pick her favourite for a fourth SUPER BONUS PRIZE. Now, a number of you have minged and whined about how your'e not good poets, you're not very clever, blah blah, snivel snivel, etc. Milords and ladies, there are three prizes to be picked at random, so you can write something like "I like Mike's Blog / As much as my dog" and you're in - only you can't use the blog/dog poem, that's just an example. So no excuses. Get on it.

Since Mrs Padre and I will be away this coming weekend, I am pushing the deadline back to SUNDAY, 10 MARCH. So far there are four entries posted. If you want to play, leave a reply here or email them to me. Now, back to the paints. I'm thinking a brunette for the explorer lady and a crisp white shirt for the chap in the pith helmet.


  1. Hey, Diddle, Diddle;
    The Cat and the Fiddle;
    the Padre is over the moon.
    The Puppy Dog laughed to see such fun
    and the bishop will never find out what you paint... 'specially that Weird War chaplaincy stuff.

    There a free verse doggerel from a no-talent poet and trombonist.

  2. God by on your side
    When you first off to battle you go
    For if you do not pray hard enough
    The dice Gods will surely show
    With rulers and rules, and dice and bags
    The table will surely be filled
    But if you don't pray hard enough
    Your opponent will surely will
    Remember the dice Gods are strange and fickle
    Then will is all of there own
    And to win the day its good to help
    So a prayer would surely show.

  3. Very fine work, gentleman. Mike, I suspect your sonnet may be a strong contender for Mrs. padre's bonus prize for literary quality.

  4. How about this haiku?

    Painting minis is fun.
    Mike's blog makes it doubly so!
    Weird war two, anyone!

  5. As I was going over the Saint Elias Mountains,
    I met with a Mad Padre and his paint pots he was counting,
    He first produced his paint brush and then produced his palette,
    Saying "Lend me a fiver, for at home I've left me wallet,"
    Write for your bloggio,
    Write for your bloggio,
    There's acrylics in the jar!

    Shameless mashup from one of my all time favorite Irish songs, "Whiskey in a Jar."

  6. Great comp! Thanks for letting me know. Here goes:

    A padre with a brolly
    is both whimsical and jolly,
    but the godly man has duties more severe.

    Like warding off a temptress,
    nubile and nearly dress-less:
    But does he really need to stand so very near?

  7. OK. Lets see how bad this is going to be. (virtually clears his throat)

    Men of the South must rise
    For the Yankees are coming with size
    Bluffsburg is at play
    Can Hatcher hold them at bay
    Until our reinforcements arrive.
    Our ironclads paddle
    to victory in battle
    both Joshua and Maccabee
    pursue north to see
    Just what the Mississippi might hide
    At the Guntown affair
    we held on by a hair
    Be we await the results and abide.


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