Friday, January 18, 2013

Analogue Painting Challenge Entry #3: The Sultan Of Swing And The Dangerous Dryad Dames

If you haven't been following Curt's blog, or even if you were because if you blinked you missed it (Monday was a busy day on Curt's blog), here is my third entry in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. And no, it's not the Doctor's latest gang.

This lot of 5 28mm figures is however a mixed bunch. The two on the left are Bob Murch Pulp Figures and I'll get to them in a subsequent Weird War post.

This chap, longtime readers may recall, is The Assault Group miniatures renaissance Ottoman general that they kindly sent me as a free figure during their promotion last year. It's a wonderful sculpt and I have just ordered some more figures from TAG (the Spahis of the Porte) as a way of rebooting my SYW Ottoman/Russian armies.

I wasn't sure what to do with the feathers on the turban. I thought about peacock feathers, but the ones I've seen are flimsy things, and these look like big bushy sort of feathers, so maybe they are dyed? I have more Ottoman research to do, apparently.

These two dangerous leaders are more minis from the Wargames Foundry Faerie pack. I showed off their sister, Charlock the Hunter, in an earlier post. Some readers may be questioning the Padre's interest in scantily clad women, which, I hasten to add, is confined to lead. I find it odd myself, rather. I do enjoy the challenge of painting skin tones and getting them right, and I was pleased when Mrs. Padre (full disclosure, she knows who I'm seeing on the painting bench) pronounced me moving in the right direction. I'm reasonably happy with them, though I need to fix the unibrow on the spear lady.

I was amused by Curt at Analogue Hobbies commenting that he admired "the sylvain support garments provided to their archers (how she draws and releases a bow beggars the imagination)".

These ladies will join Charlock the Huntress as part of my LOTR collection. I'm thinking of a wood elves version of Special Forces, called "Galadriel's Scouts" or some such, to keep the glades free of foul orcs. Sounds like a great excuse to clear off the games table once I finish sinking some ironclads (next post).

Finally I'd like to welcome followers 98 and 99. Ross McFarlane is a semi-legendary Old School gamer who hosts the Battle Game of the Month blog among others. Of him, young Kinch recently opined that "There are days I just want to strand him in a scrap metal yard. I guarantee within two weeks, he'll be playing the War of 1812 using homemade Britains knockoffs cast from moulds made of out of old sparkplugs and prayer. A chap of infinite invention." Brummie is from the UK, and his Brummie's Wargaming Blog shows a talented painter and eclectic gaming mind. Both welcome, chaps!


  1. Very nice all of them. Skin tones are quite tricky and you've done a great job with those lovely ladies.

  2. Thanks mate. You were too modest to remind me where your blog is, but I've just fixed the post. Really like what you're doing with the Hasselfree survivor kids just now.

  3. Nice. I really like the Sultan. Before the "recent unpleasantness" (9/11) Middle eastern folks like Arab Sheikhs, and harem women seemed kind of cool and attractive to the western imagination. In our imagination they still make "cool" villains.

    I do not equate collecting or painting small female figurines with any intended disrespect for real women. Play on!

  4. Leave the unibrow, it gives her a evil look!


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