Sunday, February 12, 2012

Royal Marine Centaur

A while back I purchased a 15mm Battlefront Miniatures Cromwell w Centaur 95mm howitzer barrel variant, since Mark Piper's Rapid Fire Normandy scenario Battle for Rots calls for a Centaur from the RM 2nd Indpt Armd Btty.

I finished painting it recently only to discover that the RM Centaur turrets had special markings on their turrets to aid indirect fire while on LVTs. I asked Dom Skelton if he had any decals to do the job, and he politely suggested that I cowboy up and try painting them myself. So I did, deciding that I could do justice to the markings but would not bother with the numbers. I also did the RM 2 Btty tactical marking. I used some images of a model by Brett Green as a guide.

I know there are some howlers - I believe that the Centaurs removed the BESA bow MG in particular.

I just have a few more models to finish for that scenario - particularly some Jerry 105s and Opel Blitz trucks, and then I should be able to run through the scenario and post an AAR here.

Comments welcome, thanks for looking.


  1. What happened to the photos? I only see a message saying "403 forbidden"

  2. Padre, what have you done now? Pissed of ImageShack?

  3. Ooops, did some file cleaning on Imageshack and got too zealous. Piccies should be back. I assure all of you, gentle readers, that I would never post anything of an untoward nature here. Except maye Space Orks. Mmmmm, Space Orks.

  4. Nice work Padre.


  5. Looking good Reverend. I keep meaning to do some work on my Second World War British, but the Napoleonics are just too demanding.


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