Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Padre Figure!

I was trawling the TQD Castings website today and was delighted to discover that they make a 20mm (1/72nd scale) WW2 Commonwealth padre figure (the chap on the left). I hasten to point out that this photo comes from the TQD website. I did NOT paint them (I'd give my left arm to be able to paint like this, but then it would be hard painting figures with just my right arm, I'd need something to hold the figures with while painting).

Needless to say, he's on order. The other two figures in this pack look useful as well - the officer on the left will do nicely for my WW2 character, Lt. Denis Audet, who is overdue to make another appearance on this blog.

I've ordered some figures from TQD's partner line, CP Models, and haven't found time to paint them yet. They are quirky figures, some are in awkward poses and the sculpts aren't very fluid, but they fill in some holes and make some nice personality figures.

I am sure we can find a use for this padre on the battlefield.


  1. I've always liked their figures and I plan picking up some of their BAOR, however, I think some of their sets are not to my taste. I've never felt the need to have an SS execution squad on the table.

  2. I tend to agree with you, Mr. Kinch. I like their figures too, but I get a little queasy when I see (what seems to me, at least)an excessive interest in the SS, the NKVD, and their dark doings. I don't see why I need to have some poor sod getting hanged or shot in the head. Yes, I know it happened on the Ostfront. So did raping of civilian women. Don't need to see it.

  3. I found another figure today which could possibly be used as a Padre figure. You might already have seen it and painted it! Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures have a 'fantasy WW2' figure called 'Major Terntadust' a British Army Vampire Hunter of all things! Well equipped with crucifix and Thompson SMG he doesn't seem the sort to mess with! Let's see if I can post the link to save you searching:
    Hope that works. Best wishes.

  4. THANK YOU Jason! I recall seeing a photo of that figure ages ago when it was sold by Monolith. I wondered if he was still kicking around. As I recall, there was a trusty NCO/batsman figure that used to go with him. I think I will treat myself. Thanks again.


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