Sunday, February 19, 2012

Board Game Nostalgia: Storm Over Arnhem

One of the chaps at the local wargames club was selling off an unpunched copy of Avalon Hill's Storm Over Arnhem last Thursday. He didn't want it, since none of that group are historical gamers. His copy was unpunched and while the box was a bit stained in a few places, the inside looked pretty much the way it must have looked when it was printed back in 1981 (surely a conincidence that this was a year or so after the film A Bridge Too Far appeared!).

I never did buy this game at the time but I always sort of knew that Courtney Allen and Don Greenwood published a significant game that spawned a whole series of impulse-driven tactical wargames.

I've always wanted to collect Arnhem figures (IMHO, British paras are so much sexier than their Jerry counterparts) but that's a project for my retirement, maybe. For now, this old game is now punched and set up in my study, and when I have a spare moment or two, I go to join Johnny Frost at the bridge.


  1. Great find! I remember salivating over this in the store when I was young, but I never bought it.

  2. Of course you want to collect paras, Padre. You talked about TQD/CP-Models recently:

    They can all be had with Polish or Britsh berets. YOu know you want them!

  3. Thomas, you are a bad man, trying to tempt me like that.

  4. You have your job, Padre, I have mine...;-)
    I'm pretty sure toy soldies are on the Approved Temptations list as long as you don't sell you kids into slavery to pay for them or such.

  5. Don't let Mike Barrat know you've got this or he'll drag it out at Hotlead for a game. He's always looking for someone to play it with him!

    And you know you want paras.... it's easy just one platoon at a time and before you know it you'veg ot a company!

  6. I started wargaming with the Avalon Hill Company in the very early eighties, Panzerblitz being my first acquisition. The games are probably now outdated (specially the early titles, like Africa Corps or The Russian campaign) but I still keep them all and even recently I have made some opportunistic acquisitions (Submarine, War & Peace...). This title you acquired is one of the best games, with a (then) very innovative display and combat by zones. I'm sure you'll enjoy it

  7. I remember seeing this once, would love a game of it though with a few of the boys....

  8. I'm sorry. We simply don't have the facilities to take you all prisoner.


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