Monday, March 27, 2023

A Quick Video Tour of Hot Lead 2023

I had a great time as a punter at this year's Hot Lead, just wrapped up this last weekend in Stratford, Ontario.  Once again the organizers put on a showcase event for the Canadian miniatures wargames hobby, with possibly a record attendance.   Besides a full range of participation games, there were busy tournaments for Bolt Action, ancients (ADLG and DBA), as well as some wonderful looking all ages games, including one with pirate teddy bears!

I suspect that James and I will convene a panel for the second Canadian Wargamer Podcast Hot Lead After Action Report, hopefully soon.    Enjoy this short 15 minute, very amateurish video tour.  MP+



  1. Thanks for the video and a good mix of games, periods and scales on show:).

    1. Hi Steve, glad you liked it! It's a pretty solid show.

  2. I enjoyed that video, thanks for sharing Mike. You lot put on one heck of a good looking gaming con.


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