Monday, August 8, 2022

Weekend WIP: Victrix Early Imperial Roman Cavalry

In thinking of ways to get me blogging more regularly (is blogging a lost art in the age of social media?  Discuss), I was going to start a regular Weekend Work in Progress Feature, but now it’s Monday evening, so I missed that deadline.  In my defence, it was a bit of a lost weekend, as I started feeling crummy on Saturday morning, By Saturday night I’d shoved the nasty little wand up my nose and gotten my first ever positive COVID test.   Gradually started feeling better today, just not a lot of energy, a dry cough, and a distinct lack of appetite.   Glad I got the jab and the boosters, I’d hate to think what I’d feel like without them.

Here’s a batch of 28mm Victrix Roman Early Imperial cavalry, about half done.   As I think I mentioned in my last post, the SYW get the maximum effort from my brushes, but these chaps will just get wargames standard from the three foot rule.  I do however want to put some work into getting the horses right.

I am realizing how shockingly ignorant I am of Things Romani and keep asking my mate James for help with niggling details like what colour should this officer’s crest be?

I also realize that other than the fight scene at the start of the film Gladiator, I know precious little about Roman cavalry, their organization, tactics and employment.  I know that each legion had an attached group of cavalry, and I imagine they would be engaged in scouting, escorting supply convoys, line of communications stuff, and so on.  I’m sure I’ll learn more as this project progresses and grateful for any pointers in the comments.

Cheers and blessings to your brushes!



  1. Too bad about the COVID diagnosis. Hope you not get too sick.

    Is blogging a lost art in the age of social media? With comments turned on, isn’t blogging ‘social’ media?

  2. Sorry to hear about you getting Covid, but hope you are starting to feel better. Nice looking figures there and I too am very ignorant aobut all things Roman! As for regular posting, I found this was putting too much pressure on myself, so just post as and when I feel i have something to say/show/report etc.

  3. Pleased to hear that you are giving Uncle Covid the boot, hopefully the recovery will continue apace. I have missed Blogging and trying hard to get back, but already fear that as more demands are made of my time it will suffer again. Love the new feature, and if something like this helps keep you engaged with your blog then surely that has to be a good thing. I always felt that if I wasn't interested in what I was posting about why would others be? I love the Romans so it's a win for me.

  4. Been there and done that covid beast, it drains you down don't try and do too much work.
    Have a speedy recovery. The Romans are very nice.


  5. Im afraid blogging IS a dying art form, hence the people who follow bloggers and also post are of a certain age and if they mention doing such a thing they are now held up to ridicule, of course painting toys that promote war makes them virtual social media pariahs. I like that tag. Like a lot of people of a certain age they grew up in a time when being a little 'different' was something to aim for, so keep blogging and more importantly painting Romans. Although red seemed to be a popular colour for the Romans probably due to the dyes available, Im certain a few greens and blues would not look out of place.

  6. I'm available to answer all the questions

  7. It would seem that knowledgeable friends make a pretty good substitute for books. :)

    My condolances on the plague, it is my ambirion to be one of the few who never experience it, not that many of my ambitions have been met so far.

  8. I’m reading your posts, plus James and listening to your great podcast. You’re like the Uncles everybody should have at the dinner table. Your full of great wealth of information and you have so much fun talking about this hobby. Padre, at HotLead you and I had a chance to play Infamy Infamy at the same table. I’ve been slowly reading and watched a few documentary shows on Romans battles against the Germanic and Britton. Very soon will be adding more miniatures to the to do list. Any advise we’re I can order Infamy Infamy from?
    Cheers, Randy


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