Monday, October 31, 2022

Canadian Wargamer Podcast is Back

 Fans of the podcast may be wondering what happened.  Sometimes hobbies are fun, sometimes they feel like work.   Sometimes real work intervenes.  Bit of all three these last two months.   Anyway, my friend James and I had a natter and a catch up, and you're welcome to listen to it while you watch paint dry, or cut your nails, or ...   well, enjoy.   


  1. Wondered why the lapse. Hopefully, back on track now.

    1. Hello Jonathan: All's well, just had to put the fun stuff on hold to deal with a change of job (tediously described in the podcast) and hopefully back on track now. Sometimes the fun slips out of the hobby for a while for me. I envy those who seem more consistent and are more productive than I am, but each to their own pace. Cheers, Michael


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