Thursday, June 16, 2022

#Thursday Napoleonics: CWP Episode 16 - Are Naps Wargames Rules the New Tower of Babel?

Picking up a somewhat neglected Thursday theme for this blog, there is some Napoleonics wargaming content to report on.

For the June (E16) edition of the Canadian Wargamer Podcast, James and I put together an impressive panel of four veteran grognards of the Naps side of the hobby to discuss why everyone and his/her dog seems to want to write and publish a set of Napoleonics miniature rules, and what any self-respecting new set of rules should bring to the table.


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    1. I enjoyed the Napoleonic rulesets discussion. Some I agree with. Some I do not. These differences are what give the hobby spark.

  2. Is this on the YouTube too?

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