Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode Ten Is Out!


In early January, my Pod Partner (hmm, that sounds awkward!) and I had a chance to speak with Jason Weiser, the genius behind Military Miniature, the first miniature wages magazine to be published in North America in almost a generation.   Jason had sent us a complimentary copy of their first edition, and we were quite impressed.  Here are the podcast notes.

In our January Episode, we speak with our guest Jason Weiser, the genius behind the first hobby magazine aimed at North American readers in twenty years!  Jason's been on a tour of all the posh podcasts, from Yorkshire  to the Great White North. We slaved in the studio to get this month's podcast ready just a day before the second edition of MM is released!   It's a nervy thing to do and we applaud the chutzpah of Jason and his team.   Listeners may recall that we talked with our guest Don Perrin about the demise of hobby magazines on this side of the Atlantic, so we wish the newcomer every success.

The interview begins at 14:45 in the podcast.  You can check out the magazine at and we encourage you to subscribe or at least order an issue.

Elsewhere in this podcast, James talks about getting the Russian Napoleonic army for Christmas, Mike talks about his problems and hopes in getting started in 3D printing, and we nervously cross our fingers as we discuss plans for Hot Lead 2022 in the Time of Omicron.    

Links for some of the stuff what we talk about:

Tadenac Games Canada:


Legions IV Hire:

Hot Lead 2022:

Our March Out this month is in honour of the Royal Canadian Navy and of ou Canuck wargamer friend, @Medical_Int (Cheers, Thomas!).  The HMCS Naden Band:


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    1. Thank you Benjamin, that's very kind of you, glad you enjoyed it. I see you started a blog with a great title last year, I hope you revive it.
      Cheers, Mike

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    1. Cheers, Dai, appreciate your listening. Be well, mate.

    2. No post to announce episode 11 though? ;)

      Another good episode and really enjoyed the interview with Joe Saunders.

      Darn you for mentioning the Battle for the Kapelsche Veer! Now my hobby project mind is whirring about trying to justify purchases to make forces for this super interesting part of the war!


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