Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 4: Interview with Gaming Wizard and Grognard Don Perrin

Very happy that the fourth(!) podcast is out.   The link is here and the show notes are below.   Please give us a listen, subscribe and rate us on Apple Podcasts.  Please.   Or the beaver and goose will be mad at us.

In our August Podcast, we talk with a true grognard, Don Perrin, a Canuck who now calls Las Vegas his home.  Since Don and James met as cadets and barrack mates many years ago, Don went on to graduate from Royal Military College and serve in the Canadian Army in the RCEME Corps. Don's done practically everything there is to do in the hobby.  He's worked with giants like Frank Chadwick, run a games store, published (and killed!) wargames magazines, manufactured lead figures and now is doing cutting edge work in 3D printing as you'd expect from his extensive technical background. He's also a published fiction author, and the only guy we know personally to have a Wikpedia entry! In our discussion, Don shares his thoughts on what happened to North American wargames magazines, the pros and cons of 3D printing, and the future of our gaming hobby.

Don Perrin on Twitter:  @dbsperrin

Don’s Websites:

Don’s Stuff on War-game Vault (The Courier, MWAN, etc):

Don’s 3D Printing Website:

Don’s Virtual Bookshelf Contributions:

Operation Warboard’ By Gavin & Bernard Lyall. Adam and Charles Black, 1976 ISBN 0 7136 1646 6

Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10–August 7, 1943 By Mark Zuehlke. Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd., 2009 ISBN: 1553653246

Stuff We Mentioned In Our Conversation:

First Clash: Combat Close Up in World War Three, by Kenneth Macksey, 1998.

Sound Officers' Call Blog:

The Sentry Box (Calgary, Alberta games store):

Canadian Content Corner:

Brad St. Croix and Alex Fitzgerald-Black on Operation Husky:

Alex Fitzgerald Black on The Air Support Rollercoaster: Air Power and its Contribution to the Morale of the Canadian Army in Normandy:

Alex Fitzgerald-Black, Eagles Over Husky: The Allied Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, 14 May to 17 August, 1943.


Arthur Gullachsen, An Army of Never-Ending Strength: Reinforcing the Canadians in NW Europe, 1944-45.  UBC Press, 2021.

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The Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers March Past:

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