Monday, December 7, 2020

Perry Brothers Union Cavalry Horseholder and Confederate Officer

 Hello friends:

Taking a moment to document some small ACW painting projects.  28mm Union cavalry horseholder by Perry Brothers:  

These are the type of figures, like casualties, that might make the more practically minded ask - why?  My answer is that I have enough mounted and dismounted figures to represent a small Union cavalry brigade, so now I can represent where the horses are if the dismounted troops have moved some distance away during the fighting.  Could be an important detail.  Also, I like the aesthetic, they add a bit of a diorama feel to the table.

There was a fourth horse figure in the set, but it got misplaced in a small mound of metal horseflesh on a corner of my bench, as I am also currently working on a large unit of Canadian militia horse for my alt-ACW project.  I will find a use for this AWOL nag.


Mounted officer sculpt from the now-defunct French producer, Forgotten and Glorious.  I quite love their ACW line and have some in the painting queue.

This fellow was listed as a Union officer, but I need more rebs to serve as command figures in Sharpe Practice, or as Staff Officers in Pickett’s Charge, so he ended up in gray.


Blessings to your brushes!






  1. Good work on the horse holder vignette!

  2. Lovely looking horse holder and a delightful Confederate officer!
    Best Iain

  3. Looking good Padre very nice.

  4. Love the horse holder!
    They're more rare on the table than limbers and ammo caissons

  5. Exquisite painting! A joy to behold.
    Regards, James


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