Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Diplomacy Game Update: Fall 1906 Turn Complete

The Fall Turn of 1906, the twelfth turn of our PBB Diplomacy Game, saw the knives come out as Turkey deftly carved its erstwhile ally, Austria, in half.   While Austria’s new alliance with Germany became apparent on the Warsaw front, the rest of Austria’s forces, committed to Italy, were out of position and unable to prevent Budapest and Trieste from falling.   How much of Austria survives the coming year remains to be seen.

Italy gained a reprieve as it celebrates its new status as a Turkish client state. The ghostly remnant of the Royal Navy haunts the North Sea, now a German lake, but the Turkish seizure of Portugal reduces England to one SC and one unit in the coming turn.

The score at present sees Germany leading with 14 of the 18 Supply Centres required to win,  However, Turkey is close behind with 12, and the endgame looks like a tight race between the two super powers with their respective vassals, who may be used either as battlefield enablers or as protein shakes depending on when their masters need to bulk up.


Fall 1906 Moves

Results for Fall, 1906 (Movement)

General Notices:

No retreating units; retreat phase skipped.Order resolution
completed on 30-May-2016 at 16:46:32 EDT

Order Results:


Supply centers were lost. Units that must be removed: 3.

Austria: F apu Supports A pie -ven; Austria: A pie - ven Failed because Austria: A ven -> tyr failed. 

Austria: A tyr - tri Bounced with adr (1 against 1). 

Austria: A ven - try  Failed because Austria: A try - tri failed. 

Austria: A vie - bud Bounced with gal (1 against 1). 

Austria: A war Holds


Supply centers were lost. Units that must be removed: 1.

England: F bre Holds; F nwg - nth


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 3.

No order for unit at London. Hold order assigned.

F bal - swe;  A bur - par;  F fin Supports F bot - stp/sc; F bot - stp/sc

A lvp - edi; A lon Holds; A mar Holds; A mun - bur; A pic Supports A bur - par

A pru Supports A war; F stp/nc - bar


A gas - spaI; F rom - nap;  F tun - wes; A tus -rom


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 3.

F adr - tri; A alb Supports F adr -tri;
A gal - bud;  F ion Supports F nap - tys;  

A mos -war Bounced with war (1 against 2).

 F nap - tyr; A ser Supports A gal -  bud; F spa/sc - por

 Influence at the end of the F1906 turn.


Supply Center Ownership:

Austria: Venice, Vienna, Warsaw (3 total).

England: Brest (1 total).

Germany: Belgium, Berlin, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, London, Marseilles, Munich, Norway, Paris, St. Petersburg, Sweden (14 total).

Italy: Naples, Rome, Spain, Tunis (4 total).

Turkey: Ankara, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Moscow, Portugal, Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol, Smyrna, Trieste (12 total).


Austria: 3 supply centers, 6 units. 3 units must be removed.

England: 1 supply center is, 2 units. 1 unit must be removed.

France: No supply centers are, No units. No units to build or remove.

Germany: 14 supply centers, 11 units. 3 units may be built.

Italy: 4 supply centers, 4 units. No units to build or remove.

Russia: No supply centers are, No units. No units to build or remove.

Turkey: 12 supply centers, 8 units. 3 units may be built. 


Builds and adjustments for the end of 1906.  Germany builds three armies, Turkey hedges its bets between land and sea, while Austria’s military is cut in half.  With the fall of Portugal, the British fleet in Brest scuttles itself, and rumour has it that the last ships in the North Sea, loaded with the Crown Jewels, may make a run for Canada. 



  1. I have misted these reports, used to play lots of postal Dip in the day


    1. You are most welcome to get in on the next game, Ian, though it may not happen until sometime in 2017.

  2. After the 2014 game I think it will be another few years before my nerves will be ready for another go.


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