Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

On the painting desk this Saturday is another sprue of GW LOTR figures, in this case same nasty orcses to give those brand new Men of Gondor some chopping practice.  After just finishing a dozen Perry Bros federal ACW infantry (currently in the basing shop), these fellows are a little more challenging, in that I’m searching for the right mix of drag, scungy fabrics that one would expect an Orc QM sergeant to issue.  I was able to get the last lot of LOTR figs off the sprue after painting with some minimal touchup required, so I’m experimenting with the on the sprue technique again with these fellows.  Also experimenting with some rust effects on the chain mail - I figure the QM would issue stuff belonging to at least several deceased owners. 


Well, that’s that and a happy Saturday to you.  I’m off to a local gaming event in nearby Cambridge (Ontario, not the nice one - nearby in Ontario is Paris, Stratford, and London - not to be confused with the nice ones as well).  Hope to see some chums and see if there’s any more LOTR stuff at the Bring and Buy, because it’s getting hard to find now.  Not that there aren’t attractive substitutes to be had - more on that anon.

Blessings to your brushes!



  1. Great start! Good to see your new painting area active. Keep it up!

  2. Nice (?) looking Orcses Padre :)

  3. My kind of LOTR troops, orcs! Have fun with them Padre.

  4. Oi! Stratford Ontario is very nice too.

  5. Very nice Michael you will soon have most of Mordor ready for battle :)

  6. Nice work Mike. These are shaping up well and look just fine for LotR orkses!


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