Monday, October 19, 2015

Longstreet, Seizing Ebeneezer, Part Two

Quick update tonight on my ongoing Longsteet solo game, the Union attempt to seize Ebeneezer Church.   To recap, end of Turn 1, Union attack starts to develop.

Engel’s 9th Wisconsin Vol. Artillery gets two of its sections on the hill overlooking the crossroads, a howitzer and a light rifle (note recently finished Perry Bros limber with invisible horses).  The 11th Ohio surges up in support.  Cannister fire from the Napoleon of the Little Rock Artillery destroys the howitzer before it can unlimber.

On the Union left, the Irish of the 33rd Wisconsin push forward to the woods where the 14th Arkansas greets them with a volley, special effects supplied by my amazing Kinch lights.  The Union plays a Thick Smoke card turning the CSA shooting into Skirmish Fire (requiring a 6 on a d6 to hit) and the Arkansans miss.

 General Pinckney follows the advice of his Chief of Staff, Col. Frietag, and has the 39th Mississippi about face and retire from their advanced position.  The reserve 42nd MS crosses from left to right to reinforce the 14th Ark.  Unfortunately, the Union plays an interrupt card, freezing the 42nd MS in their tracks and creating a traffic jam.  In the background, the other section of the Little Rock artillery, also moving from left to reinforce the right, gets jammed up as well. 

Overview of the battlefield at the end of the 3rd turn.

Union Turn Four.   The 33rd WI returns fire at the 14th AR, but since the rebs are in the woods and it is thus skirmish fire, the Union miss the needed sixes.  Lots of gun smoke but no damage.

Union movement face, the 31st WI burns two cards to interpenetrate the 33rd and now threaten the 14th AR’s flank.

Situation at the beginning of the CSA turn.  Note the Union cavalry have reached the other end of the table and are poised to dismount along the fence line.   The rebs don’t have much time to sort themselves out.

Advice for General Pinckney?

Blessings to your die rolls!



  1. Genl Pinckney's Brigade (?) is in a spot of bother, all right. Don't know what I'd do. Maybe 39th Miss should about face and hold, shooting up those d--d Yankees in the road, refusing its left flank if (and only if) it can. The gun (battery? Section?) to their left will have to be relied upon to deal with the Fed Cav for the time being. Forty-Second Miss will have to continue its present orders to reinforce 14th Ark. The Arkansans should help there by dropping back through the woodlands. If they can shhot first then fade back in one turn, that would be favorite. (You will have noticed, by the way, that I prefer the old State abbreviations rather than the modern postal codes.)

    I am assuming here that this is a delaying action. If Pinckney's mission or intent was a holding action, it isn't any more! :-)

    1. Pinckney's mission was to hold the church. It may turn into a delaying action. Mind you, two turns from now he gets some reinforcements, so we'll see. I'll pass your advice to the General, if I can find him.

    2. Reinforcements, eh? Then he has a good chance of achieving his mission.

  2. Lovely pictures and a fun pair of reports Padre :)

  3. Great looking battle you have a great collection there Michael. The Longstreet rules seem chock full of action even when there isn't any damage dealt out.

  4. I think Col. Freitag has done enough! Perhaps, in the excitement of action his native German is not easily understood by his Mississippian subordinates?

    The commander of the 42 MS ought to have had the good sense to maneuver around the church from BEHIND in order to not interfere with the 39th's retrograde to the fence and then wall.

    In Longstreet, can a unit NOT perform a retrograde but must about face and march to the rear?

    1. Well, things do go badly sometimes.
      In Longstreet, retrograde movement is only to either flank. Units must about-face to move to the read, and can only about face at the start of their movement phase.

    2. Yes, some times, when it rains, it pours!
      Looking forward to seeing the next turn.

  5. Fabulous report, but not looking good for General P.

  6. Great looking armies and scenery , really like the fencing, resisting acw, I'll let my nephew collect and paint it and I can just play!
    All the best Iain

  7. Those reinforcements are needed to counter the Federal Cavalry!

    Those poor Southern boys...


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