Thursday, November 13, 2014

Foundry ACW Union Artillery

The 28mm Union cannon and artillerists seen last in my Saturday workbench post are now done.

The artillerists are Perry Brothers sculpts done when they worked for Foundry.   I confess I am very partial to the Foundry ACW line of figures.  The artillerists are from Foundry pack CWA2 Artillery Crew Aiming Gun.  I should have purchased a second cannon, since there are enough figures to respectably crew two pieces in any scale bigger than Skirmish/1 to 1.

So far my ACW Union collection just has Parrott guns, so I decided I’d give the Yanks a 12pder Napoleon.  I drilled out the barrel a little ways with a pin vice and then blobbed in some black paint.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of that doing that for my previous guns.

I like the goatee on the gun chief, it gives him a competent and slightly swashbuckling air.  Pity my iPhone wasn’t up to the job, as I am quite chuffed with the faces on these two chaps.

After this picture I took some black Tamiya pigment and rubbed it on the shaft of the rammer/sponge, to make it look properly used and grotty.

Battery commander observing the fall of shot.  He looks like he’s saying “Come and get some, Johnny!"

These figures bring my 2014 totals to:
28mm Mounted: 13, 28mm Foot: 54 (including the powder barrel in this set!), 28mm Artillery: 2; 28mm terrain pieces: 9.
20mm Foot: 33, 20mm Artillery: 2, 20mm Vehicles: 2, 20mm Terrain Pieces: 2
15mm Vehicles: 5, 15mm Foot: 26, 15mm Terrain Pieces: 3
6mm Foot:  120, 6mm vehicles: 4, 6mm Terrain Pieces: 2
Kilometres Run: 1,019


  1. Way to go! "Double cannister! No swabing!"

  2. Your Union artillerymen are really good and you have rendered them with great character! I like the rammer wearing the red bandana.

  3. Nice figures and an excellent paintjob on them. Very nice, indeed, Michael!

  4. Lovely work Michael, wonderful additions sir.

  5. Thanks chaps, I appreciate your encouragement. Jonathan, I like that rammer fellow too. He has the blond blue eyed look of a novice, and yet the steely determination of a young lad doing his bit. He has that "Red Badge of Courage" vibe going for him. I was happy with him.

  6. Very nice end result! Your faces are getting better and better.

  7. Thanks fellows. Dai, I think these last few years I've really been focusing on trying to do faces better, and I'm pleased that my efforts are getting some notice. I'm reasonably happy with about 1 in 3 now. I suppose another 1000 figures and I'll get it right. :)

  8. They all look great. The faces look absolutely terrific.


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