Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday Paint Table On Sunday

 I’ve been away this last week so just got a brief chance to revisit the paints and move things along on Saturday.   Here, almost finished, are two 20mm Italieri WW\2 Russian anti-tank guns and crew, based for urban warfare.   The little fellows on the left are some 6mm Baccus French Napoleonic infantry.  There are some more Russians there as well, 20mm Britannia tank riders, and lurking in the back and calling me seductively to paint her next is a 28mm Reaper lady vampire.

Blessings to your paint brushes!   


  1. Nice assortment of works in progress. Ah, the pleasure of returning to the painting table after a brief hiatus!

  2. Those Reaper lady vampires do beckon, nice progress.

  3. Sundays table is looking sweet mike. Nice work.

  4. Lots of goodies there, now where will you start?

  5. Actually all of the Russians in that shot are finished. Piccies to come. I think I'll start cozying up to that lady vampiress tomorrow.

  6. Snap I have the same 20mm Italeri Zis 3 76mm AT Guns on my painting tray too!
    Co-incidence or what :)


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