Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

The painting table got moved outside this afternoon and some work got done, mostly on some 6mm Baccus Napoleonic Frenchies.  On the left are some voltigeurs that, once finished, will be added as eye candy to the front of the line infantry that I got finished and based today.    In the background are some French artillery limber teams in progress.

In the centret is a 20mm Brittannia WW2 Red Army command group that will, when finished, all go on one base as an HQ group to pose beside a Britannia Soviet command truck. On the right are more Soviets, this time 15mm infantry from Plastic Soldier Company that are getting the speed painting treatment.

It was a beautiful day to paint outside.   This may be it with the paints for a fortnight, got to get packed tomorrow as Madame Padre and I are off to Italy on Monday.  Ciao!



  1. Have a great holiday in Italy! As you may recall, I was recently on holiday in Italy. What cities will you be visiting?

  2. Good stuff Mike. Best of luck with the trip!

  3. enjoy some raveolli that doesn't come from a can

  4. I hope you and Mrs Padre have a lovely holiday in Italy.

    WW2 Soviets in 2 scales? What madness is this? :)

  5. Nice table work, outside table work as well!

  6. Thanks all. Looking forward to Italia. First time visiting that country.
    Jonathan - we are spending six days in Florence (visiting friends there), and three in Rome.
    Irish - :) Fresh ravioli and a nice red wine at an outdoor table, that's a happy thought.
    Tamsin - Sovs in 15mm (for company level) and 20mm (for skirmish level). That's probably madness enough.

  7. Have a wonderful trip Mike! I lived in Milano in my salad days and loved it. I look forward to reports from the Boot!


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