Saturday, August 17, 2013

End Of The Road: Time to Unpack

So the road trip is over and Madame Padre and I have been in our rental house for just over a week. The moving truck came on schedule, nothing seems to have been broken (every military conversation on the subject of moves and postings covers horror stories of lost and broken furniture, so we are lucky) and only a few small things are still infuriatingly hard t find.

We have negotiated with the landlord to paint the place and deduct the paint from our rent (he gets free labour so it is a bargain for him, but Mdme P cannot abide the pink walls so painting it is) but I have had a little time to set up the new Mad Padre Painting and Wargames Chapel.

Here's the start of it as of last week. Our second morning here I couldn't sleep so starting at 3am began setting up this Ikea shelving I've been lugging around since my grad school days. In the last few houses it's been too tall for the rooms I've wanted it in, but there is about 10mm of clearance in our basement, of which Mdme P has graciously ceded me possession in return for an upstairs bedroom as her study.

A few nights back James Manto visited and we toasted the room with a beer and some long overdue conversation. Here's the state of play today.

Some order has been established. Lighting is going to be a problem. I'm going to need a robust lamp pole down here to shed light on the game table. But there's also room for my painting table.

So all told I consider myself a lucky chap. Much work to be done, but this space is a great joy to have and I hope it gets used.

Since returning to Ontario I find myself today in the novel situation of having to choose between gaming invites. Grenzer John invited me down to St. Thomas for a day of Napoleonics gaming, which sounded great fun, but alas, today was painting walls and then off to Stratford tonight to do IABSM 3 w James and the gang. I am told that the first Sherman brews up around 20:15 so I had better get a move on. AAR to follow.

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  1. Well, Padre, you missed it. Italians, French, and Rhinebund vs. British, Austrians, and Swedes in a short but epic crunch that ended with curfew (people had to work or go to a son's sporting event.) Congreve rockets were included and proved worthless. Highlanders and Hungarians fighting Italians and French dismounted Dragoons in a town. An Imperial grand battery making a mess of things. and Finally French dragoons making mincemeat out of Swedish Hussars. There will be more games, never fear!

  2. Always good to get the mancave in order! Nice one Mike.

  3. Good to hear that everything arrived in good order and that you're both settling in fine. Have a great time at the game!

  4. Good to know that you both arrived safely. It seems to have been a very enjoyable. The place you are now living is great indeed and lots of Lardistas around! Life is great indeed

  5. Good to hear everything arrived safe and sound and its good to see you have your priorities in order, getting your room started asap!

  6. Glad to hear you've arrived safe and sound. You must be pleased as punch to have a dedicated games room. :)

  7. Good to hear Mike and that the man cave is up and running!

  8. The padre has landed. Good to see.

  9. Mike

    Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the new digs.

    Curt and Jeremy enjoyed your bottle of ale on Friday night - I thought it looked nice but as a celiac I have to avoid the fermented malt.

  10. Glad you arrived safe and sound and have the man cave sorted :)

  11. Looks like you've cracked it.

    Last move we made I set up my studio before anything else except the couch in the living room and the TV!!


  12. Ah, Padre, to have a room like that...

    And kudos to Ms Padre on negotiating a room for herself too..:)

  13. Good to see you've got in safe and are getting settled in- important things first too....



  14. Glad to hear that move went smoothly and I am very impressed at the new wargames chapel, impressed with a touch of envy!


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