Friday, August 2, 2013

A Visit On The Road

While Madame Padre and I travel eastwards to our new life in Ontario, and while stopping in Regina, Saskatchewan, we had the good fortune to be hosted by Curt Campbell of Analogue Hobbies fame and his lovely wife Sarah.

We passed a delightful evening of good food and wine, a cigar yand excellent conversation. Curt and I sampled this beer, Dark Island from the Orkney Islands' Sinclair Breweries and quite enjoyed it. As Curt remarked, with a pickle and an egg it would make an excellent breakfast.

I was interested to see signs that Curt is planning for the next Painting Challenge, having acquired a very interesting piece of scenery, but ai'll leave it to him to say more about it.

Here we are this morning, Curt the tall chap on the left, in front of his charming house. I hope our paths will cross again soon, perhaps at next year's Hot Lead con in Stratford, ON?

Tonight Kay and I rest in the historic and gracious old Fort Garry Hotel, having finished 1000 of the 3000kms to our new home in Ontario. Hopefully we'll be there by the 7th.

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  1. Sound like you had a great evening, have a safe journey.

  2. Great you guys could meet up again!

  3. It was great having you and the Madame visit - it was a lovely night. I look forward to seeing photos of your new digs out East!

  4. So I can put a face to Curt now, cheers for sharing your travels
    Peace James


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