Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Brush Dreams of Ronin 28

So what will I paint for the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge? Curt has asked each of his brush ronin to give themselves a par, a goal based on his points system.

I promised getting this to Curt yesterday but I underestimated my recovery time after a quick visit to Day Surgery yesterday to get my knee repaired, a little wear and tear from military training and running. Mrs. Padre took this yesterday when I came back from the operating theatre. That smile is no doubt me dreaming of all the great figures I'll get painted for the Challenge.

With apologies to fans of the movie Gettysburg: "General, I'm so damn stoned I can't see a thing. Are these good drugs, General?" "Yes, sir/ Mmmmmmmmmmmm ..... very good drugs."

So now a few days at home to recover and then I'm out the gate with my colleagues. Here is what I will be submitting to Curt, the sum total of what I would like to paint between now and when the contest closes at the end of March.

1) 6mm Napoleonics

Last week I posted some pics of the first results of my first batch of an order from Bacchus, my toe into the water of small scale Napoleonic wargaming. You readers were most most kind and encouraging. So here is the rest of that order, and my top priority goal for this challenge.

24x line infantry @ 1 pt ea = 24 points 4 x artillery @ 2 pts ea = 8 points 12 x artillery crew @ 1 pt ea = 12 points 24 x light infantry @ 1 pt ea = 24 points 4 x limbers @ 3 pts ea = 12 points Total = 80 points

2) 20mm World War Two

Two goals here. The first, and second highest priority project, is to finish this ten man section of late war German infantry from TQD castings, to furnish SS opponents for my French Canadian alter ego, Lt. Denis Audet. My goal is to paint most of them in SS peadot cammo, which is always a good test of painting skills.

10 x 20mm foot figures @ 4pts ea = 40 points

The second goal in this scale is to finish painting these two Armourfast Soviet SU152 SP Guns as a way to revisit my languishing Soviet collection. They will also be an opportunity to try the airbrush I bought recently, as well as experiment with these pigments I picked up while visiting the wonderful BC Shaver and Hobby Shop in Victoria, BC, last month.

2 x 20mm vehicles @12 pts ea = 24 pts

4)American Civil War 28mm

Not a big project here, but an old one. I bought these Wargames Foundry ACW lads in the ever-stylish Hardee Hat to finish an expansion to the the Iron Brigade, something I've been slowly adding to over the years. Besides these three figs there are two more casualty figures, which I am thinking of posing together around a shellburst. One of Curt's recent posts at Analogue Hobbies has some clever ideas as to accomplishing this.

5 x 28mm foot figures @ 5 pts each = 25 pts

3)World War Two 28mm

These are the "plastic Johnnies" that Lord Lovat was referring to in my last post, a box of 24 British commandoes for my Weird War Two project to give "Project S" the force it needs to strike at its sinister foes. A bit of a devil to put them all together, and I've been averaging 3-4 in an evening while watching a movie.

24 x 28mm foot figures @ 5 pts ea = 120 pts

4)Seven Years War in 28mm

Ages ago my gaming group in Ontario went through an SYW phase, using the Age of Reason rules, and I started working on a Russian army. I bought these Front Rank Prussian Hussars since no one at the time seemed to sculpt Russian hussars, and chaps tearing about in gaudy uniforms on fast horses all look the same, really, don't they? So my bonus goal for the challenge is to get them finished, and maybe revisit the whole SWY thing, perhaps using the Black Power or Maurice rules, I'm open to guidance on this subject.

12 x 28mm cavalry figures @ 10 pts ea = 240pts

Since I have to order a Samurai figure as the cost of entry into this Challenge, and have 12 Dixon Tartar light cavalry which I also ordered for the SYW, as light horse for my Turkish army (they seemed like fun opponents for my Russians). Oddly Dixon only shipped six appropriate horses for those figures, so this is my chance to buy another 6 and get that unit out of the lead mountain. However, at the risk of being called a sandbagger, I won't include that in my total for this project, since, frankly, I doubt I'll get to them.

80 points of 6mm Nappies 64 pts of 20mm WW2 25 pts of 28mm ACW 120 pts of 28mm WW2 240 pts of 28mm SYW

So if my arithmetic is correct, my personal par for the Challenge is 529. God speed all out brushes! Blessings, Mike, aka Ronin 28


  1. Hope your knee and the rest of you recover quickly, Padre.
    As for Russian Hussars, I too have a Russian SYW army. (in 15mm for KoenigKrieg) I like those guys, especially the line infantry in waistcoats.

    1. Thanks Pastor. I looked at the Foundry 28mm guys in waistcoats, and perhaps one day. I need to get back into that period. The Russians are a fun army, especially if one likes artillery, and the Turks are an amusing opponent for them, a kind of lace wars colonial warfare.

  2. Michael Peterson, clergyman. A painter barely alive.

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic padre. Michael Peterson will be that man. Better than he was before.


    I look forward to seeing the small painting desk concealed in your knee, the brushes that flick out of your index finger and a portable nativity (including glow in the dark Ladybug) that pops out from behind your left ear.

    Get well soon!

    1. My dear Kinch, that is a consummation devoutly to be wished.in lieu of a small painting desk, I would settle for a small drinks cabinet so I can entertain my friends and visitors.

    2. When will we see the action doll? ;-)

  3. Get well soon MP. Good luck with the challenge an I look forward to your blogs.



    1. You're kind, Helen, many thanks, much better today.

  4. My best wishes for a prompt recovery. I hope to see soon more photographs of the "seeing in the morning run" series!!!

    1. Thanks, Benito, much appreciated. I am hoping to get back to running soon. I am giving a talk at a mess dinner tonight and will settle for standing for ten minutes.:)

  5. Don't underestimate the recovery time from a general anaesthetic, especially if you fall outside of the twenty to thirty age group that all the basic recovery times are estimated on. If you feel a bit off that's your body telling you it's still getting rid of the stuff they put in you.

    1. Wise words, Ashley. I wanted a scotch badly last night but decided to let the happy guess flush out of my system. It was good stuff. I remember giving one great giggle as it took hold, then waking up in the recovery room. I'm tempted to go back and say "It's worn off, may I have some more, please?" Te only downside was waking up at 04:00 and being unable to go back to sleep. A good time to paint. :)

  6. I hope you are feeling fit soon Mike. Hopefully you will be able to spend some time recovering in the perfect location behind a painting desk.

    Best wishes,


  7. In lieu of hospital grade happy juice, I think scotch is the perfect antidote! Get well, soon, Mike!

  8. Good luck for the recovery old bean

  9. Get well soon and work your airbrush ;)

  10. Speedy recovery, Mike! Looking forward to seeing all of the results of your efforts! (especially the ACW guys in the hardee hats and the commandos!!)


  11. Hope you're up and running about now, Mike! Enjoy you're enforced break and get lots of painting done!


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